Short Stories written by: Luciano

Sand Tears

Summer…what a happy and hot time! feeling the beach sand on your feet, hearing the waves impacting against the seashore, swimming and feeling the sun on your skin. Relaxing in the sea, hearing the birds, the seagulls flying through the skies…there are many things to enjoy at the beach. Oops! I almost forgot! the ice cream seller with chocolate bonbons, fresh water and fruit.


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Short Story written by: Fernando Mansilla.

Lolo used to go to his garden every afternoon, in where he had a pear, an apple tree, a plum tree and a chestnut, but he preferred to sit on the shadow under the vine that his grandfather had sown twenty years ago, and which had lots of bunch of grapes during that season. There he used to wait for his snail friends to come to get their food. He was sometimes flying his kite during summer and imagining he was flying over the city on a magic carpet.

That autumn evening was too hot, the sun was shining in the blue sky, Lolo had the feeling that the afternoon was not going to be like the others. He waited patiently for the snails to come, but they didn´t. When he was about to go home, sad and dejected, two snails appeared walking more slow than usually.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

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Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola.

Once upon a time there was a very lazy and grumpy ship that really wished to have wheels. He was every afternoon at the coast watching the bicycles riding around the city.

One summer morning, on waking up; decided that after realizing his labor of fisher of the seas; after being dropped anchor at the dock, would think about his dream of being a rolling “bike- ship”.

Short stories - the pirates and the lost treasure

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Short Story written by: Ruderico Diaz (Venezuela)

Long, long time ago when the sea was created, lots of different kinds of colourful fishes were born, all sizes and colours, and there was a special one, a little blue fish, shinny and beautiful, it was different to the others because his blue colour reflected everything around him due to the sunlight.

Short stories - Delfi the lonely dolphin

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Once upon a time there was a bad pirate who used to attack the boats he saw.

He was called Ulysses and his boat was the biggest and fastest boat ever known.

It was so fast that on Christmas day crossed Santa´s sled and the reindeers could not avoid the sails.

Ulysses the pirate asked shocked to Santa Claus: “What are you doing here instead of giving the presents to the children?”


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Once upon a time there was a crab that lived on a beach in southern Spain. The other crabs called him Croqui, because he loved to cover himself in the sand, a bit like a croquette.

Croqui loved sunlight and when summer came he went mad about getting the best place on the beach to sunbathe. He was always very tanned, but he never listened to the older crabs’ advice.

The adult crabs always told him to put on sun cream to stop himself from getting sunburnt on his shell, but he would say that it wouldn’t do him any harm.

short stories - the-little-tanned-crab

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There was once a monkey called Monty who lived on an island that was largely inhabited by other monkeys. The most important scientists on the planet had figured out that climate change would affect this island very badly, almost sinking it completely.

So each of the monkeys decided to build a house on the highest part of the island to protect themselves from the floods on the day the disaster would come. Monty had designed his house to withstand a very big flood, and this required very big rocks.

All the monkeys built their houses in just one day, and then spent the rest of their time playing cards and enjoying their new homes. They all laughed at Monty, because while they had already built their houses, Monty had only drawn some plans. But Monty was convinced that his house could survive any flood and although it might take a long time to build, it was worth the wait.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

So Monty moved only one big stone a day, which meant that his house took shape very slowly and the other monkeys continued to laugh at him. But Monty didn’t care, and went on building his house stone by stone.

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Once upon a time, there was a season called summer who loved the sun. He loved it so much that he spent all day talking to it. The sun was his best friend, and summer was the nicest companion the sun could wish for, too.

All day long the sun was bored, for all it had to do was shine upon the Earth’s surface and not much else. So he was happy when summer came to talk to him, and passed the time pleasantly.

One summer’s day on the beach, when all the swimmers were enjoying a beautiful cloudless day and the sun was casting its rays on the sandsummer started chatting to him without stopping (as was usual!).

Short stories - Chatty summer

Seeing that the sun was very distracted by summer, a cloud sneaked up and hid behind the sun – and the sky began to darken. The people on the beach looked up and began to leave, gathering up their beach umbrellas and towels. There didn’t seem to be any sun, you see, and that’s why the people went home. Continue reading…