Short Stories for Kids written by: Raúl Simao Ferraz.

This is my story, the story of a turtle with no fear, a turtle with no fear that wanted to fly. I´m not saying she wasn’t scared but I am saying she was brave, and her enthusiasm for flying was stronger than her fear to try it.

Every morning, after eating, she used to go to the beach. There, she walked slowly on the sand, feeling every grain between her toes, taking the same way as always, until she arrived at a stone where she used to spend many hours.


She could feel the immensity of the world from there. The bay was eternally swirling without rest, and together with the sea, the wind whispered its music from the bottom of the earth to the top of the mountains, and they left some of the musical notes for herself.


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Short Story for Kids written by: team

Once upon a time…

There was a worms community living underground. Their biggest wish was to be able of going out to the surface to see the light. The king of the worms was the responsible for them reaching the surface to see the light.


The king of the worms used to give a speech every month telling the news in kingdom. But he always said the same to his citizens: “Dear worms, this is a bad year, we are still underground and this year, we won´t see the light either…”, used to say sitting on his throne without moving.


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Short Story for girls and boys written by: Cecijorgesofi.

The violet coloured dog girl had one job. To keep red coloured horse inside the fence and then, George the farmer would close the door, so that the horse would not eat the harvest of vegetables grown for the whole family.


But the red horse was friend to a flower called Rose Anna and, galloping, jumped over the fence.


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Short Story for girls and boys written by: Maribel.

Today the forest is so lively. Rabbits leave their dens to greet the new day, the moles awake timidly from their lethargy, and get ready to start the day.

Small deers have been gamboling for a while over the small bushes, free as the wind that caresses their backs.

Short stories - The squirrel and the forest fire

Little by little, the forest inhabitants appear: sparrows; hares; squirrels; snails; birds; woodpeckers; badgers…all appear little by little filling the forest with light, music and colours where they are.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Camila.

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful tiger girl who liked to walk around the jungle.

One day, as she was playing with her friend the owl, she moved further away and between one game and the next lost the trail of her way back home.

tiger short story

The frightened owl looked for her but could not find her. Meanwhile the little tiger girl ran and ran from one place to another trying to find her way back.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Alejandra, (Argentina).

Philip, the naughty sea wolf is really worried. Sitting on the sand, legs up, he thinks and thinks. Why isn’t the sky as blue as before? When was the last time that the seagull Vonda visited him? Why can´t he swim free?

Before, the sea was transparent and he could go fishing relaxed.

short stories - the-little-tanned-crab

The adventure of searching for food was so much fun! But nowadays, who can get what they are looking for when everything is in such short supply?


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Miriam de la cruz.

Click here to read: LITTLE HEN ON STILTS (FIRST PART) 

…The merchant was shocked, he thought the hen was offended and turned around to leave the yard, but Jewel’s mother with shiny, coffee coloured feathers stopped him. She was the same height and with small legs like Jewel and she held her daughter´s hand.

She asked the merchant: “How much are the stilts? Is it true that they will make Jewel´s legs longer?”.

hen animals farm stories

And the merchant said: “It´s true!” People from the circus use them to be taller and to impress the audience. This is the way, they can all see their pirouettes”.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Miriam de la cruz.

Once upon a time…

There was a town called “Memory”, with colourful houses, perfumed flowers and fruit trees. Where the birds were plentiful, trilling every morning bringing happiness to their visitors.

People in the town were used to having hens, pigs or turkeys in their courtyards depending on what they preferred to eat. As is normal, there were big houses for rich people, as well as smaller houses.

Short stories - the brave little farm pig

There was a very grand corner house which had a big courtyard and a yard full of hens with a fence around it facing the street, so visitors could see them and give them food.


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Short Story for Boys and girls written by: Obed Madrid Calvo.

A gnome who lived in the forest, was at home boiling chestnuts in his cooking pot as it was the soup he really liked.

His friend, Mr.Snail appeared at the window and called out to him.


– “Good morning Happy Gnome” – greeted the snail.

– “Hello Mr.Snail, do you want to taste my chestnut soup?” – said the gnome.

– “Mmm, it smells really nice!”- the snail said.


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New Short Story for boys and girls written by: Pepe.

It was a sunny day that was unbearably hot and a heron was flying around searching for food.

The astute heron saw a fish in a big pool, and dropped down so fast that the fish did not notice anything.

fish bowl short stories

The heron opened her beak and it took a second for the fish to realize that she was going to eat him. The fish said, very afraid:


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