Short Story written by: Claudia Aguilera.

When holiday season arrives, many fairies come to our world flying at night time, so nobody can see them. They are all very pretty, but there is a special one called Sophie, she is really pretty, with long red hair, green eyes and white skin. She lives in the forest with her parents.

She is mixed birth, half human, half fairy. Her mom is hundred per cent fairy. Is the first time she comes to humans´ world, she is ten years old, lives in the forest where all the fairies live. Is so happy flying so fast at night, over the sea, the parks, the roofs and the trees. The fairies meet in a secret park to rest every time they come to our world, form a circle, bring crowns of flowers and colorful wings, drink grape juice and cider.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

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Short Story written by: Sharon Krager

As the school year went on, Amanda missed more and more days. I felt sad for her. Her Mother was picking up her homework and she would also bring it back so that Amanda wouldn’t get too far behind. I found out that she had to have surgery on her tumor and I was worried about her.

I found out that she didn’t live too far from me. Another friend of mine told me where it was.

I made it a point to go see her one Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks after her surgery. I knew that she was recuperating, and I didn’t want to go too soon. Her Mother met me at the door and she said to come on it.


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Short Story Written by: Sharon Krager

Tuesday was the first day back to school after a long hot summer vacation. I got up a little early to make sure I had everything ready for starting my first year in high school. This was going to be a great beginning of a great four years for me. All of my friends felt the same way that I did. They were ready to get out of junior high and move on up to the big school, Feldman High.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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It was a cloudy day when Claudia decided to change her way to school passing in front of the enchanted house, known by everybody in town.

Her grandmother had told her scary stories about that house when she was younger, always warning her not to approach the house ever. But Claudia was very curious and couldn´t avoid the temptation of walking near the house and look at it.


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Short Story written by: Liliana Velàsquez

Mathew and Nicolas loved to go to the mountains for holidays. Their parents had a big house in a little village in the middle of the fields, surrounded by green meadows.

They were always playing the ball in the fields near the house.

One of their neighbors was an old woman always taking care of her flowers. The kid´s parents had advised them not to play near her garden.


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In a faraway kingdom lived a handsome Prince called Jamie. Unfortunately his father the king had died a few years ago, and was his uncle the one replacing him just because nobody in kingdom thought that Jamie was ready to be the king.

Nobody thought the prince was brave at all, what really annoyed Jamie who wanted to do something with it.


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There was a little lion called Tod living in a beautiful forest, the environment around was perfect, but he was sad.

One day went to take a stroll with his family so far that appeared in a scary part of the forest known as “the black forest” where all the animals were terrifying and mysterious.

All the lions of the pride ran away from the black forest, Tod did also, but had the bad fortune of running to the opposite side than the others and got lost.


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