Short Story written by: Xabier Pita

It was Friday and I had to take my bath as usual. The water from the tap was running and the bath started to fill up. The soap bubbles  got bigger and the rubber duck rose higher until the bath water overflowed. I ran from from the corridor and jumped into the water and made a big splash that got the bathroom floor very wet.


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Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola.

Once upon a time there was a very lazy and grumpy ship that really wished she had wheels. Every afternoon she went to the coast to watch the people on their bicycles riding around the city.

One summer morning, on waking up, she decided that after doing her work as a fisher of the seas, and after being dropped at anchor in the harbour, she would spend the afternoon dreaming of being a rolling “bike-ship”.

Short stories - the pirates and the lost treasure

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Short Story (Part 2), written by: Mapy

The old turtle went into the cave and began to walk. Croky started to sing out aloud so the turtle could hear him.

The little frog sang louder and louder forgetting all his complexes, ensuring that the turtle could hear him from the cave.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

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Short Story written by: Mapy.

In a faraway bog lived three little frogs that were siblings, two girls and a boy called Croky and they all loved singing. The two girls had a very nice voice but Croky did not have the same talent as his sisters and didn´t sing very well.

Croky had a shrill voice. He felt very sad every time his sisters sang and could not understand why he wasn´t like them. He would hide somewhere in the forest to practice, but his voice was always the same.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

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Short Story written by: Pedro Pablo Sacristán

Peter was a very shy kid who hated birthday parties with other children as he was not able to talk to anyone and did not enjoy them at all. At one of the parties he couldn’t handle it any more and went into a room to hide.

He was sitting on the bed, angry with him self for not being able to talk to anyone, when a little green goblin who was covering his ears appeared in front of him:

Short stories - The little boy and the almonds

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Short Story written by: Elisabeth Durango  Hernandez

Hector was always eating junk food. He loved it and his mother allowed him to do it.

Used to eat five peaces of pizza only for breakfast with strawberry milkshake; nine hot dogs at lunch time with coke, and seven big burgers for dinner.


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