Short Story written by: Maria Abreu

Once upon a time there was a prince who felt really lonely and used to go every afternoon to sit in his garden and write sad poems.

He was so sad and concentrated on his poems that he never stopped to look at his beautiful garden, and didn´t realise that there was a fairy behind the roses observing him every afternoon.


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Short Story written by: Pablo Sacristán

Greek philosopher was walking through the forest when he saw two gigantic women in the middle of the road.

The women were enormous, their height wasn’t normal and the shocked philosopher hid behind a tree.

The philosopher stood behind the tree thinking how to get out of there when two Princes from the kingdom appeared. One of them was bleeding from his ear:


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In a faraway kingdom lived a handsome Prince called Jamie. Unfortunately his father the King had died a few years ago, and it was his uncle who had repalced him just because nobody in the kingdom thought that Jamie was ready to be King.

Nobody thought the prince was brave at all, and that really annoyed Jamie who wanted to do something about it.


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In the Snake kingdom, when a snake wants to get to be a prince they have to fulfill two requirements. The first one is to be over eighteen and the second is to swallow a Samurai sword.

Snaky was the youngest snake in the kingdom, but she was also the brightest.

Snaky wanted to participate in the prince competition, but she was too young and nobody would let her.


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A short version of the story written by Marc Twain, The Prince and the Pauper.

Once upon a time there were two twin brothers from a Royal family that were separated at birth because their family could only take care of one of them.

The one that stayed in the kingdom became a Prince and Tom, the other child ended up as a beggar.

palace, castle

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Once upon a time there was a very handsome prince called Hugo, who wanted to become king of a distant land of mountains and caves. Unfortunately his father had died and his uncle was now king, for the family did not believe that Hugo was brave enough to be king yet. This really annoyed Hugo, as you can imagine. He was convinced that he was valiant, but he just hadn’t had the chance to prove it.

One day, Hugo found out that most of the land’s adult men (including the king) were setting off to hunt a monster that was attacking their homes at night. In that mountainous land there was a kind of very famous and peculiar monster called the Monstro. It had three eyes, growled so loudly that you could hear him from miles away and on top of that he also drooled.

Hugo silently followed the men hunting the Monstro, and soon reached the dark cave where the monster lived. Hugo hid behind a rock from the other men, for he was the prince and easy to recognise.


While the group of men argued over how best to hunt the Monstro, Hugo snuck into the cave and went in search of it by himself. Once he had found it, Hugo threw himself on its leg to stop it moving, then pulled a sack over its head so that it wouldn’t bite him. After a few exciting and tense moments, Hugo tied its arms behind its back and took it out of the cave to show the king. Continue reading…


There was once a very beautiful princess named Claudia, who lived in a very big castle, for her father was the king of Dragoland. The young princess usually spent her days playing with friends in the castle dungeons. But one day, Claudia and her chums went for a walk around the castle walls where there was a forest full of trees.

Claudia was the most beautiful of all her friends. Her long blonde hair and big green eyes meant that people noticed her wherever she went.

As they entered the forest, the girls noticed something moving among the tree branches, but couldn’t see who or what it was… Suddenly, an enormous dragon came flying out of the undergrowth and grabbed Claudia with his claws. Then, as quickly as he had come, the dragon flew back deeper and deeper into the forest. Terrified, the other girls ran back to the castle to tell the king what had happened.

Short stories - The princess and the dragon

The King of Dragoland was so alarmed at hearing the news that his daughter had been kidnapped by a dragon that he ordered an army of a thousand men to rescue her. Meanwhile, the dragon had already reached his lair with the princess. Continue reading…