Children’s story written by Carmen Gloria Silva, 26 years old.

Lemon and Orange were two very special kids who had extraordinary parents.  Mama grapefruit was a housewife, that is, she was a mum and worked in the house.  And Daddy lime… well, what can we say about him? He was a very patient man, with great number of skills. Amongst other things, he was a great cook.

Short stories-Clementiny and the valencian orange tree

Mama grapefruit had some important errands to run so she would be out of the house until late afternoon.  While she was away, she gave all the family members a very important job to do. They had to help each other with all the house chores like sweeping, washing, ironing, cooking, and so many other things that mama grapefruit usually did every day. Continue reading…


Allegra was born in May in Cuernavaca, a city full of brightly coloured flowers.  The weather in Cuernavaca was so pleasant, the grass so green and shiny, and the flowers so colourful that the city was known as the City of Never-Ending Spring.

As Allegra grew, she became friends with Nico and Frida, a little boy and girl from her nursery.  Allegra enjoyed playing with her friends and she also she felt safe playing with them in the big classroom.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One morning, when Allegra arrived at school, she noticed that her friends were not there.  She was very sad.  She started to think that she would never find friends that loved her as much as Nico and Frida, and that made her scared.

Continue reading…


Plastic bags are used all over the world to carry everyday items such as bread, shopping, clothes, toys and lots of other things. But Pappy, the hero of our story, wasn’t a plastic bag like all the rest – he was a very special paper bag. And Pappy had a mission to complete

Pappy knew that all over the world there were millions of plastic bags that had been abandoned by people and ended up floating in the seas and oceans, contaminating the water and causing damage to the creatures that lived nearby.

Pappy didn’t want things to go on this way, so he came up with a plan to put an end to plastic bags being thrown away. One day he went to visit a big supermarket to talk to the manager.

“Hello Mr. Manager, my name is Pappy and as you can see I’m a paper bag. I wanted to propose an idea to avoid using plastic bags in shopping,” Pappy declared. Continue reading…


Somewhere in a large coastal city, there was an enormous beach where the turtles went to raise their newborn young. That was where Juliet was born, and she is the main turtle in our story.

When Juliet was a baby turtle, she was protected all day long by her mother so that nothing would happen to her. But as she grew older, she began to realise that she was a born explorer and she enjoyed going off on her own to explore new beaches.

When Juliet was old enough, she decided that to explore the world she would have to get a vehicle in which to travel, for turtles were very, very, very slow.

Short stories - the turtle and the moped

So she asked her mother to buy her a moped so that she could go off and discover new lands further away. But Juliet’s mother said: “Certainly not! I’m not going to buy you a moped because they’re very dangerous for turtles – they are not made for us.” Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a very close family who lived in a humble house in the countryside. They had worked hard to build the house themselves, for they had always wanted to have a nice home that was energy efficient.

Most of their neighbours had all-terrain vehicles, so eight-year-old Mario, who was the oldest child in the family, had often asked his parents to swap their own car, which was now very old, for a 4X4.

Eventually, Mario’s parents went off to buy a new car, for their own had stopped working. When they got home, Mario was waiting for them in the garden, impatient to see what 4×4 his parents had bought. He thought: “I bet they’ve bought the biggest and fastest 4X4! Now I can show off the new car in front of the neighbours!


But to his great surprise and disappointment, the new car driving up the road wasn’t a 4×4. Mario immediately ran to the car.

“Dad! Mum! Is this our new car?” asked Mario, looking anguished.

“Yes, darling. Do you like it?” answered his mother.

No I don’t! It’s not a 4X4! It’s a rubbish old electric car, why did you buy it?” asked Mario angrily. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a very intelligent boy called Lewis. Lewis had always wondered why there were always two politicians on TV arguing. So he asked his parents: “Mum, dad, why do those men go on TV and argue?

To which his parents answered: “Lewis, they’re politicians. Their job is to make the people of our country happier.”

Lewis was not satisfied with this answer, and said: “But it doesn’t make sense – how can they be working for us when you can see them arguing like that. That’s not working for us at all!

His parents replied: “At the end of the day, a person who is truly working for us will have a clean conscience… he’ll be able to sleep at night. Go to sleep, Lewis, darling, and don’t think about the politicians anymore. All you need to do is work hard at school and not worry about them.”


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There was once a little boy of 6 years old called Lewis. One day, as he was looking out of the car window on his way to school, he discovered that a large mass of grey smoke was forming just above his dad’s car.

Somewhat alarmed, Lewis looked at the other cars on the road to find out if they too had a cloud of grey smoke chasing them. To Lewis’ surprise, all the cars travelling on the motorway had the grey smoke hovering around them.

So Lewis asked his father: “Dad, what’s that grey smoke above our cars?” Lewis’ father was a little surprised by the question, but answered: “Well, Lewis, it’s called pollution.

Pollution? What’s pollution?” asked Lewis, waiting intrigued for his father’s answer.


“Well, for example, it’s that grey smoke you can see above our cars. Cars that run on petrol or diesel give off gasses into the atmosphere, which are very bad for all living beings and the planet too. Today you can see a lot of the grey smoke because it hasn’t rained for a long time,” answered his father.

Lewis spent a while pondering on this, and began to put two and two together. If the grey smoke was bad, and it was all because of cars, then why were there so many cars on the road?

“Dad,” said Lewis slowly, “If the grey smoke is pollution and is bad for us, why are we going to school in a car?

“So I can get to work on time, son. The bus or metro would make us late,” answered his father. Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a thirteen-year-old boy who loved to eat hamburgers and chips in fast-food restaurants. Every week, Joe and his friend Daniel would meet up to go to the local McDonalds, and order a Big Mac with fries and a fizzy drink.

Joe liked hamburgers so much that during the week he couldn’t stop thinking about the burger he would be eating the following weekend. One night, he even dreamed about a burger because he’d been thinking about it so much…

In Joe’s dream there appeared a freshly made burger with grated cheese, which said to him: “Eat burgers, they’re delicious!!” So Joe took the two enormous hamburgers that had appeared in his dream, and gobbled them down in one mouthful. But suddenly he began to feel sick, for he had eaten too much too quickly and his tummy was hurting. Just before waking up, Joe looked at himself in the mirror and saw that he had developed a belly as big as Santa Claus’, so he shouted: “Noooooo!!

Well, this woke Joe up with a start and he ran to the bathroom mirror to check his tummy. Phew! It had all been a dream.

The next day, like every Sunday, Joe and Daniel met up by the park to go for a burger, but today something unexpected was about to happen. Continue reading…


My name is George, and I’m going to tell you a story that happened last year just after my birthday. For a few months, I had noticed that mum and dad were acting differently towards me – they weren’t paying me so much attention.

My parents were very happy; they laughed a lot, and even my father, who is quite serious, wouldn’t stop cracking jokes to everyone. I just couldn’t understand why they were behaving so differently. Maybe it had to do with my mum’s growing tummy

One day at breakfast, they said to me: “George, we’ve got some good news for you; you’re going to have a little sister!

Short storie - George and his little baby sister

“A little sister? So… that’s what’s wrong with you!” I said.

“What do you mean?” Dad asked.

“Well, you’ve been ignoring me because you’re going to have another baby!” I said. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a school situated in the middle of a very big city and surrounded by very busy roads. The children would often run out of school and start playing, not realising how dangerous it was to have a road so close by. There had already been accidents when children crossed the road without looking, or when they ran around near the traffic lights.

To stop this happening again, a local traffic light thought to himself: “Why don’t I warn the children by shouting when cars are coming? Or perhaps I should grab them by the backpack…?”

He thought this would be a very good idea, so he told his friend the zebra crossing. But the zebra crossing said: “If we do that, we will only cause children in a different neighbourhood to have an accident, because they will rely on us to save them. But we won’t be there!” The traffic light thought this through, and realised that the zebra crossing was right.

Short stories - The traffic light and the zebra crossing

So they decided to do something different: “From now on, every day we’ll explain to each child the dangers of crossing the road without looking, and we’ll use videos so they can see the dangers for themselves.” Continue reading…