Once upon a time, there was a little soldier named Lead. He was a member of the Royal Guard in a faraway kingdom.

Lead was 60 years old, and was the head of the three soldiers that made up the Royal Guard. Their work was to protect the King.

lead soldier

One day the little soldier went to talk to the others, “I have a mission for you and that is to slove this enigma. I am about to retire, so, whoever solves it will be the new chief“. Continue reading…


Here some short tongue twisters to see if you are able to read them without getting your tongue tied. You can share them with your children, pupils, grandchildren, nephews etc.

Classic short tongue twisters for kids, made to improve concentration and vocalization. 4 tongue twisters to practice:


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?
If Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
 I have never smelt a smell that smelt like that smell smelt.
 A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk,
but the stump thunk the skunk stunk.
 Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager?
Imagining an imaginary menagerie.

How did it go? Tell us about your experience with our tongue twisters!!


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Once upon a time there was a little stork called Lily who lived in a bell tower in a small town in Spain.

The town had lots of storks, and was known as the town with the most storks in the world.


Lily had lots of friends and often played with them, but what she most liked to do was to take care of her town. Every half an hour, Lily would fly around and watch everything that was going on. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Laura, 11 years old.

Once upon a time there was a boy named “Chickpea”, well, actually that was what his family called him, but his real name was Charlie.

Ever since he was very small, his family had called him chickpea as a term of endearment because he had a cute rounded head.

lentil, chickpea

Joan, his little sister also had a nickname, “Lentil”, because of a mole she had on her back. Charlie always teased his sister by calling her Lentil. So their parents had to punishing them both, because they were always teasing each other. But one day this changed… Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Hercules. He lived in a village with his parents, his brother Aaron, and his sister Lily.



His parents were peasants and worked in the fields gathering the harvest. They survived thanks to the money they earned during the harvest. Continue reading…


Hannah was a turtle who lived in “Imagination forest”. One day she had a dream that felt real, so she decided to make it real when she woke up.

When her day began, she dressed up as a stone and went to the road that goes to “Calmed lake” and stayed there waiting. Only three people passed by that morning: “Daydream” the squirrel, “Lively” the butterfly and “Explorer” the deer.


“Daydream” was lost in thought and didn’t even notice that Hannah was there. “Lively” jumped over the flowers and dodged Hannah, and “Explorer” just smelled her and then left. Continue reading…


Bobby was a dog that lived in Oxford Street in London. He had always lived there, ever since his Master had died in a motorbike accident in that same street.

Recently he had been spending his time with a beggar. The beggar loved Bobby very much and they used to have lunch and play together.

beggar dog

But the beggar changed. He started to buy alcoholic drink with the only money he had, and his behaviour started to change. Bobby noticed that his friend was different and wondered why. Continue reading…


Every friday, Peter went home back from school and thought about all the things he would do over the weekend. Even if the way was longer through the park, he liked to walk home that way so he could see other children playing.

That day Peter finished class earlier than normal and decided to stay in the park and play. He slid down the slide and suddenly something appeared at his feet. It was a briefcase.


Peter opened it, but there was nothing inside except for a paper with a phone number and an address written on it. But as it was late, he went back home. That night he couldn’t stop thinking about the briefcase. – “Who had left it there?, Should I return it?, or should I forget about it? It’s just an empty briefcase, anyway.”  Continue reading…


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Gustav, who liked to go on the internet a few times per week to see what his friends were up to on the social networks.

One day, while Gustav was surfing the net, by chance, a little boy from China started chatting with him. Gustav was surprised to see that the boy’s facial features were very different from Gustav’s and he couldn’t understand what this boy was writing.

Short stories - Stories for little girls and boys

Although Gustav didn’t understand the boy, he wanted to write to him.  But Gustav wanted to make sure it was ok first, so he went to ask his parents for permission.  Gustav’s parents told him it was ok to write to the Chinese boy, and they decided to sit by their son, so they too could meet this boy. Continue reading…


Johnny was a very young boy when he started to care for the environment, and to keep his town clean from the litter that others threw on the streets. It all started when Johnny turned 9 and his parents threw a surprise birthday party in his yard for him and for all of his friends.


The parents had set a large table in the yard full of potato chips and other snacks like sandwiches, fruit and vegetables so the children could eat at the party.

When the party was over, Johnny’s father asked him to help clean up the mess.  Johnny was surprised to see all the potato chip bags, paper plates and glasses on the ground. That really is a mess! – “Mom, did we really make this mess?” Johnny asked his mother.  “Yes, quite a mess, huh?” his mother replied. Continue reading…