Short Story written by: Alejandra V.

Once upon a time…

There was a princess called Maggie, she was tall and as white as snow. She had red lips like a rose and her hair was brown. She had light blue eyes and was very nice and kind.

She was in love with a bricklayer called Kevin. He was tall, had brown hair and tanned skin. He was strong, had dark eyes, was kind and he was never angry.


He was also in love with her, but never said anything, unlike Princess Maggie who told the whole kingdom, that is, the whole kingdom except for her dad, because would have been very angry. Her mum knew everything.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Daniela Yvonne.

Once upon a time there was a very brave horse rider who had a very shy brother.

One day, the king confessed them that the country was going to be attacked by evil forces. The day arrived after some time, and happened what the king had said.




The brave brother tried to attack back, but failed, so they made the shy brother fight against the evil forces, there was no other option than war.


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New Short Stories for Children written by: Narella Valente (9 years old).

Once upon a time… there was a girl called Juliet; her eyes were blue, and her hair was long an blond, shiny like the sun. She was living in Breen, a very small town and was working as maid in the castle of the Prince Arthur.

She was wearing a light blue apron, like the color if the sea; and a white dress, like the clouds.



When Prince Arthur saw her, fell in love, and did everything he could to conquer her, until finally conquered her; she fell at his charms.


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Short Story written by: Ana Muñoz Garcia.

Once upon a time, there was a talent show in the castle, the queen loved it. Everything was classic, classic music, classic dances and more other things. But suddenly in the show, a joker appeared; he made everybody laugh except the queen.

She was very angry, because wanted every show to be classic, and the joker was telling jokes, making funny dances…Suddenly, he felt down the floor catching the curtains and breaking everything around the stage.


queen king bedtime Story


Everybody but the queen left running, she was so, so angry, that locked the joker up in a big cage. Suddenly, the princess, the queen´s daughter, appeared; she was really pretty, had long blond hair and went to visit the joker, when she saw him, said:


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Short Story written by: Romina Anabel

Once upon a time there was a little cook living in a faraway town, it was really faraway. She was called Caroline, and was a cute and good girl. Her hair colour was curly and golden blond and so long it reached her waist. Her eyes were as blue as the sky and her lips were so pink that even the roses were amazed by them. She had cute freckles on her cheeks that gave her a touch of mischeviousness.

The faraway town had a king who was always sad, in a bad mood and bored. He ate chips, hamburgers, soda, sweets and all the junk food he could buy, because he did not have any chef in his palace because of his difficult character.


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Short Story written by: Maria Gracia Urdaneta y Elianny Maria Villalobos

There was a beautiful princess who one day met a boy in her village. The problem was that the boy’s reputation was a bad one, and the King, father of the princess, didn´t like him at all.

But the princess didn´t believe the rumors about the boy and started dating him behind the backs of the people and of her father.

Short stories - The princess and her swift horse

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There was a King called Arthur who promised all the people in his kingdom a daily bag of bread. Over a few months, everything went well, and everybody was very happy and thankful to the King.

But bad times arrived. Grain became scarce and Arthur´s suppliers of bread had to close their business. So the King went looking for another bread supplier, but couldn´t find one.


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