Short Story for Kids written by: Olga Blázquez Sánchez.

Once upon a time…

There was a Kid who did not believe in stories about magic. The world was just a mixture of pavements and cement. Everything was grey with fumes, and metal and concrete skyscrapers.

The kid, whom everybody called Walt, went to school everyday automatically.

Short stories -the magician and the magic umbrella

He used to leave his house, cross a zebra crossing when the traffic light was green, walk past a bakery and a fruit shop, turn right, and after ten steps turn left, then walk twenty steps straight-ahead before reaching the school door. And he did the same thing day after day, day after day…


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Rosa Godoy.

It was the first day of the holidays, and Peter was in his bed, feeling lazy, and not knowing what to do.

He had really wanted school to finish, but now it had, he did not know what to do. He reluctantly got up, because it was the fifth time his mum had called him.

Short stories - The enchanted hotel

He had breakfast and then sat down in the living room to play with his games console.

-“Peter! You are not going to stay the whole day here playing with your video games! Go out and play with your friends!!!”


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Marcelo Montero

Click to read:  FROG CROAKY (FIRST PART)

…One night, when all the lights were switched off, a particular dew settled on the garden, and a chorus of voices filled the air which tasted like honey.

frog short story girl toad

Helen saw lights jingling as fireflies approached them, and when one of them sat on her shoulders she thought she was hearing voices whispering in her ear, but that had to be impossible. Nevertheless, a sweet and melodic sound interrupted the silence:

– “Don´t cry” it said.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Marcelo Montero

Helen was a smiling and rebellious girl, who lived with her parents in the house they had inherited from her grandmother Martha.

She fell in love with the garden immediately, and with the lush ivy growing around the balconies and columns.

frog short story girl toad

A splendid lemon tree blossomed with a hundred colours. Young fruit hung from the thin branches, grazing the green ground. There was a grey plot behind, which was where she met her for the first time.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Ana Isabel Martín.

Paul really likes playing in the fields. His parents have a little house in a small town near to a city, which they usually go to every weekend.

There, Paul could play near a small stream, where he could wet his feet.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

Paul likes hunting bugs. He likes to hunt for crickets, frogs, and fireflies. One day, he caught a frog and went to put it in a jar. When he was about to pick up the the frog, the frog looked at him and said:

-“I will become a Prince if you kiss me”


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Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrián Gonzalez


…The strange thing was that, the more vegetables he gave away, the more lettuces, chard, tomatoes, etc, were left in the wheelbarrow. And he was so happy to receive kisses, hugs and thankful words from the parents of his classmates who used to make fun of him calling him “fat”.


Next day he went to his vegetable garden to plant more seeds, but was shocked when saw that many vegetables had sprouted and that there were an endless number of chard, lettuces and tomatoes. It was incredible and his parents were astonished when he told them over dinner.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrian González.

Click here to read: GENEROUS FATTY (FIRST PART) 

…Lolo reluctantly went to the seed shop and bought seeds. He explained the project to his parents during dinner and ate only a plate of soup and a piece of omelette with chips. His parents, Josh and Sarah were suprised to see their son so very different from lunch time. Was their son sick?”


On Saturday morning, Lolo went to his parents vegetable garden and took the tools that his dad, Josh, lent him. He made different holes to put the seeds in and gave his lunch to the birds flying around, giving them the crumbs from his bread and olive oil.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrian González.

His name was Angel, but everybody called him Lolo since he was little.

He was a sad, selfish kid, an only child and very lonely, because he was always thinking about eating, and became so fat that his class mates rejected him.


Hi parents, Josh and Sarah used to give him some money every day to buy a snack. He did not lack anything, but he missed the company of a friend, and the appreciation of the other boys and girls who lived in the town. His loneliness made him quite sad.


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Diana

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved playing different games. He liked to be many things, sometimes he was the wind, other times the rain.

One morning, as he was walking, he stopped and said:

-“Today, I want to be a twin!”

short story kid dove

His mum laughed and said:

-“Ok, today you are a twin”


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THE TALKING CAR (Second part)

New Short Story for Kids written by: Maria de los Angeles Morales Dominguez.

Click here to read: THE TALKING CAR (First part)

When John arrived home, he went to introduce his new friends to the car, but was so disappointed when none of the toys spoke.

-“What´s wrong? they´re not talking” – John said.

-“It´s normal, the toy fairy has not touched them with her magic wand. Call her”, said the car.

fairy magic toy car short story

– “And, how do we do that?” – asked John.

– “Very easily, you just say the magic words, which are: toot, toot, toot, run run run, beep, beep, toy fairy…please appear now!”, said the car.


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