Short Story written by: T.A.R.B

This is the story of Lily, the liar ant…

The ant Lily, queen of the biggest ant´s nest of the region was celebrating her birthday. She had organized a festival to celebrate it, was such a big and great party where ants from everywhere in the world assisted.

Short stories - Tip, the curious ant

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Short Story written by: “The ecologist”.

The girl´s walk was being awesome, she was enjoying nature, contemplating the landscape, the forest, appreciating nature and environmentalism, she felt like being in a magic place without any negative feeling.

Two more drops touched her face, friendship and respect, realized that she could also learn those values at school, she could learn the value of respect by respecting the teachers and schoolmates, meeting her obligations at school like doing homework and supporting her classmates.


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Short Story written by: Liliana Velàsquez

Mathew and Nicolas loved to go to the mountains for holidays. Their parents had a big house in a little village in the middle of the fields, surrounded by green meadows.

They were always playing the ball in the fields near the house.

One of their neighbors was an old woman always taking care of her flowers. The kid´s parents had advised them not to play near her garden.


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Once upon a time there was a witch who always had to say her thoughts, She was the most honest witch of all times.

That was a problem for her, she got in trouble sometimes because of her honesty, one day wanted to capture a monster and said: “Monster! Stay Still, I need to cast you a spell and I can´t if you are moving!”.  And of course, when the monster heard it, ran away and never came back.

Short stories - The twitchy witch

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As every friday, Peter went home back from school thinking about everything he was going to do during the weekend. Even if the way was longer through the park, he liked going that way to see other children playing.

That day Peter finished class earlier than normally and decided to stay in the park to play. He was going down the slide when suddenly something appeared on his feet. It was a briefcase.


Peter opened it, but there was nothing inside except for a paper with a phone number and an address written on it. But it was too late, so he went back home. That night he could not stop thinking of the briefcase,- “Who had left it there?, should I returned it?, or should I forget it? It is just an empty briefcase anyway.”  Continue reading…