New Short Story for Kids written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Once upon a time…

There was a lively and playful little girl called Naomi, her parents and her brother loved her so much, she was a blessing in the house, filling the house with happiness and laughs.

One day, when she finished school, the teacher called her mom to warn her that had noticed that something was not going well with the little girl. The parents rushed her to visit the doctor, who confirmed that she had a serious illness.

story kid hospital sick

But the little did not give up, and decided to fight against the illness, she was actually very fragile, was only three years old, but motivated her parents and her brother to don´t give up due to her bravery and her battle.


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Short Story written by: Angel Eduardo Espino A.

Long, long time ago, there was a sad kid living in a small village, he was so sad because nothing made him laugh.

One day, his sister called different jokers and comedians from all over the world, but none of them was useful. The kid was bored of their jokes, until his sister called the best comedian of  the world.

Childrens stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN


The comedian told him some jokes, but none of them was useful either, finally, the kid pushed the joker, tired of his jokes, and he fell inside a trash can being wounded.


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Short Story written by: Mariache (dedicated to my grandnephews from Polochic Valley, Guatemala)

Hannah was a poor girl who did not have a home or a place to sleep. She barely had anything to eat every day, and her only toy was her teddy bear “Toto” that she had found in a trash can, it was broken and was missing an arm.

During the night She would sleep anywhere, snuggling up with Toto, dreaming that some day she would go to the Country of Faires.

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Short Stories written by: Luciano

Sand Castles

Summer. What a happy and hot time! Feeling the beach sand on your feet, hearing the waves splashing on the seashore, swimming and feeling the sun on your skin. Relaxing in the sea, listening to the birds, and the seagulls flying through the skies. There are many things to enjoy on the beach. Oops! I almost forgot! the ice cream seller with chocolate ice-creams, fresh water and fruit.


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Short Story written by: Sharon Krager

As the school year went by, Amanda missed more and more days. I felt sad for her. Her Mother would pick up her homework and bring it back so that Amanda wouldn’t fall too far behind. I found out that she had to have surgery on her tumour and I was worried about her.

I found out that she didn’t live too far from me and then another friend of mine told me where she lived.

I made it a point of going to see her one Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks after her surgery. I knew that she was recuperating, so I didn’t want to go too soon. Her Mother met me at the door and welcomed me in.


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Short Story written by: Ramiro García

Martin decided to play in Brazil for at least two more years to relax with his girlfriend and not think about moving away. Days later, he went to visit Argentina, to visit the places his friends had recommended him. He went for a week because he had a friendly game against England coming up and he wanted to be in good condition to do his best and have a chance of being spotted, which is what he had wanted from the beginning.

When he arrived in England, he went to train and then to workout in the gym to be in good condition for the match. Martin started the game and was very happy to step out onto his own country’s pitch.

sports stories football kids

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Short Story written by: Ramiro García.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Martin living in England, and his dream was to play for a professional football team in his country. He actually played for his neighbourhood team, and worked hard to improve every day so that he could one day reach his dream.

One day, he received an email from Brazil saying that they had seen him playing and wanted him in their team. Martin thought about it for a while and finally accepted.


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Short story written by: Martha

In a faraway house lived a girl called Star. Her mum had called her Star because she said that some day would become a fairy:  “When you are older, you will become a fairy, and will fulfill your wishes just by touching your forehead”, she had said.

Star was a beautiful girl who had long, wavy reddish-brown hair. Her big green eyes illuminated her cute face, and her look transmitted kindness. Her stepmother detracted from her beauty. She was living with Star and forced her to do hard work inappropriate for her age, but Star used to do it so as not to be punished and shouted at by that old woman who never hesitated to mistreat her.

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Short Story written by: Jesus Eduardo Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful white pony called Ellys, whose dream was to fly and touch the sky.

The pony wanted his wish to come true so much that he went into the woods to find someone to ask.

He first asked a couple of rabbits:

“Do you know how can I fly up to the sky?”

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