Short Story written by: Jesus Eduardo Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful white pony called Ellys, whose dream was to fly and reach the sky.

The pony was wishing so hard to fly that went to ask to the woods.

He first asked a couple of rabbits:

“Do you know how can I fly until the sky?”

Short stories - The princess and her swift horse

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Short Story written by: Juan Pablo Urcola.

Once upon a time there was a very lazy and grumpy ship that really wished to have wheels. He was every afternoon at the coast watching the bicycles riding around the city.

One summer morning, on waking up; decided that after realizing his labor of fisher of the seas; after being dropped anchor at the dock, would think about his dream of being a rolling “bike- ship”.

Short stories - the pirates and the lost treasure

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Peter´s grandma is always telling fantasy and imaginary stories but she claims that are real.

One of peter´s favorite stories was the one of the unicorn; his granny told him that she went once to the river for a walk and there was a beautiful unicorn drinking from the river. She described the unicorn as beautiful and magic, with two big wings and colorful horn; and that he was actually talking with a mermaid who was swimming in the river.


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Short Story written by: Paloma

There was a little girl living with her father and unfortunately they were poor.

The girl´s dream was to have a big colorful castle and a pony.

One day went to the woods to gather wild berries, the little girl was so distracted tasting the fruits and choosing the good ones that didn´t realize that was moving away from her father until it was late and got lost.

Childrens stories - The little boy and the forest

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