Short Story written by: Maribel

A new planet was discovered, It was a wonderful place with advanced technology and incredible inventions where cars were flying through special roads.

In a big house with modern appliances and furnitures lived a special boy called Galaxon.


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Once upon a time there was a clown called Jobst who really loved to act in the circus and could never wait until his turn to start his performance.

He was so impatient that he was always starting to act when the circus was not opened to the public yet, and then used to start crying when realized that nobody was there.

Childrens stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

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John was an english teacher in Madrid, Spain. He was from England and during his class was always speaking in english, never in spanish.

The pupils really liked him as a teacher, but during the verbs lesson always behaved badly because did not want to spend the class repeating verb tenses.


They were actually shouting and throwing papers every time John tried to teach them the verbs, when this happened, John used to stop talking until the children were silent, then the teacher continued with the lesson.  Continue reading…


Short Story written by Manjari Shukla

Little Johny was a cute and charming young boy and was loved by everyone. He never troubled his mother and played all day with his toys. He used to spend the entire day playing on the floor and the dirt and dust on the floor made him dirty.

In spite of his mother’s repeated requests he did not want to take bath. He always made many excuses to avoid taking bath.

bath tub

One day he was looking very dirty and his hair was shabby, so his mother kissed him gently and said-“Today I will give you a bubble bath.”

Little Johny had many excuses not to have a bath. So he replied innocently-“But I will take my big yellow ball too in the bath tub.” His mother agreed happily and said-“Yes, you can take it.”  Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Jorge (17 years old)

In a faraway planet, far from our galaxy, there was a civilisation called “Trock”. stronger than human and with different skin color. They were, red, green and blue, and had powers.

The “Trock” were being attacked by invaders called “kalk” who were very bad and cruel. They were been ejected from the planet because of their behaviour and wanted to have the control of the planet and dethrone King Philip.

The King Philip and his soldiers hatched a plan, that if it worked, it would be a perfect trap to catch the “Kalk”

king, soldier

The plan consisted in making soldier figures with armors and put them behind the door looking like they were going to attack the Kalk´s army, in which the evil Ferkus was the officer. But Ferkus suspected that something strange was going on. Continue reading…


Long time ago, in a faraway kingdom there was a huge castle in where lived a young princess called Elisabeth.

Elisabeth had just turned 18 years old and every year, when she blew out the candles of the birthday cake, made the same wish.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

Do you know which was the wish of the princess? Nobody in kingdom did, nevertheless, in a faraway place from the kingdom lived an evil witch who knew the wish of the young princess. Continue reading…


Written by: Sayuri Daniela

Once upon a time, there was a really pretty princess named Karla. She had red hair and liked to dance with her red shoes and dress. She was really happy because it was going to be her birthday on the next day, a really funny and special day for her.

shortstories princess

For her birthday, her mother wanted to give her a new red dress, but there were no red dresses left in the shop, so Karla started crying. Continue reading…


Allegra was born in May in Cuernavaca, a city full of bright colored flowers.  The weather in Cuernavaca was so great, the grass so green and shiny, and the flowers so colorful that the city was known as the City of the Never-Ending Spring.

As Allegra grew, she became friends with Nico and Frida, a little boy and girl from her nursery.  Allegra enjoyed playing with her friends, she felt safe playing with them in the big classroom.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One day, when Allegra arrived at school in the morning, she noticed her friends were no longer there.  She was very sad.  She started thinking that she would never find friends that loved her as much as Nico and Frida, and that made her scared.

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There was once a very, very big mountain where there were lots of trees and bushes. It was also the home of a group of humans that lived in caves dug out of the mountain rock. In fact, there were two families there. One lived in a grey-coloured cave, the other in a greenish cave (which was due to the type of rock). Naturally, they were known as the Greys and the Greens.

The Greys had a father, a mother and a fourteen-year-old son called Peter, while the Greens had a father, a mother, a four-year-old boy and a wise old grandfather.

The two families sometimes ate together, when they would talk about the mountain trees and how to fell them to obtain the wood with which to make fire and heat. One time, Peter felt he was ready to join the conversation. The wise grandfather listened intently to the young man, because Peter believed that the trees were there to be felled, and that it didn’t matter if they were replanted or not because they took so long to grow back.

Short stories - The wise and patient caveman

Once Peter had given his opinion, the wise grandfather told him this: “Nature is patient, and we humans must be patient too,” and he proposed a challenge: “I’m going to shave all my hair off, and we shall see what nature does to maintain the balance on my head. Come and see me in a month.”

Young Peter couldn’t understand what on earth the grandfather meant by this, and went home none the wiser. Continue reading…