John was a 5 year old boy who really loved christmas, it was his favorite celebration of the year and was always waiting anxious for Christmas to come.

One year decided to study magic to learn to travel across the time and make christmas arrive earlier.

Short stories - Wesley the boy wizard

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Short Story written by: Griselda Acosta

When Johnny´s grandma went to visit him and his parents, was carrying her big suitcase full of clothes. Johnny saw that big bag and started to imagine himself sitting inside and driving it like if it was a race car.

While his parents were distracted looking after his grandmother, Johnny tried to open the luggage to get in and play all over the house as if he was driving.


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Short Stories written by: Maria Abreu

Timmy was a cat who loved eating meat, he was always dreaming of having a feast of rats. But the poor Timmy was scared of darkness.

One night, his owner , Rita, went earlier to bed and turned off the light before he had fallen asleep. Timmy was very scared in the middle of the darkness, and suddenly saw three white shapes jumping on the table and was terrorized!


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Short Story written by: Ruderico Diaz (Venezuela)

One day very early in the morning a couple of bees were waiting for their daughter to be born.

Daddy and Mummy bee couldn´t wait to see the face of their little baby. Everything was ready for her arrival, the little bee had a room full of toys and sweets, in where she was going to have lots of fun waiting for her.


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Short Story written by: Maribel

A new planet was discovered, It was a wonderful place with advanced technology and incredible inventions where cars were flying through special roads.

In a big house with modern appliances and furnitures lived a special boy called Galaxon.


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