Lily was a beautiful hare who loved to play with her friends, their favorite game was “races, run, run” (that´s how they called the game).

One day she found a firework with a long wick and had an idea.

Childrens stories - the rabbit and bamboo island

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Short Story written by: Stephania Ferreyra.

Lauren and her friends Anna and Moly went the swimming pool on a sunny day and their mothers were looking after them.

Suddenly somebody touched Lauren´s shoulder, when she looked back saw Adeline, her fairy godmother who had come to talk to her; “I need your help, only you can do it”. Lauren felt a shiver.

Short stories - the forest fairy

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Wing was an inexpert airplane because it was too young, he hadn´t made his first flight yet. Was beautiful, with big wings, but he was special, even being fully equiped, was scared of flying.


One day, a young pilot asked him: “Wing, do you want me to be the pilot on your first flight?” Wing, surprised because of the question said; “I would love to, but I can´t”. The young Pilot was confused, no plane had rejected fly with him before, so he asked: “Why can´t you fly?”. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a very smart girl called Lina. She lived with her parents in a Madrid´s neighbourhood, in Spain. Her house was really big with a big garden and spacious garage where Lina used to play and invent new things.

She was really smart, and was able to learn things that the rest of the kids could not even imagine.


One day, she was going to repair her parents´ car and had an idea. Use chickpeas as petrol. She was really brave and started to develop her invention. Continue reading…


Short Story written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sophie who really wished to have a puppy, but her parents were never at home because of work, so they could not take care of the little dog.

Short Stories Chopi

Sophie was always trying to convince her parents, but they always were saying that it was not possible to have an animal because it is a big responsibility, it is not enough to feed the animal, you also have to play with him, wash him, spend time with him, actually it is like having  a new member of the family. Continue reading…