Short Story for kids written by: Ruben Araya.

There was a snail who really loved playing the ball with his friends Fray and Peter. They used to go to the park in the valley. A very beautiful place. But Florence was a bit sloppy with his own stuff and toys.

One day after playing, went back home without thinking about the ball. When arrived home realized that had lost it, and told his mom. She told him not to be careless with his toys and he promised not to do it again.

Childrens stories - Snail-love

Went back to the park and asked Peter if he had seen a ball, he said yes, actually he had it because had found it behind a tree; so gave it to him in that moment.

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Short Story written by: Jose Manuel (Spain)

Click to read:   HI, MOM VENUS! (THIRD PART)

…I´m going to explain you how is our daily life. We are always exercising, we move non stop around our grandfather, the Sun. We play two games, one is called “Rotate, rotate…” and the other one is called “Move fast”.




As they are so funny, we use to play both games at the same time, and we have so much fun! In the first game we dance always rotating around our own axis, and sometimes, when we are tired of going round and round the same place, we play the other game, which helps us to know other places by moving around our parents, without going too far. We have to follow the ways (orbits) they tell us; you might think they are boring, but I m going to tell you more about them.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Jose Manuel (Spain)

Click to read:   HI, MOM VENUS! (SECOND PART)

Mom venus kept explaining the girls how was her family.

-“My family is too big, like yours, I have many cousins, which are my siblings´ children, who are living around their parents, and you can see them often, they are called Satellites. 


My cousin, the Moon is the one you know more, she is always near your planet, the Earth, you see her at night, not always, because she likes to play hide and seek and some days you can see full moon, other days she hides and you can only see half moon, because she is very playful.


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Short Stories for Kids written by: Jose Manuel (Spain)

Click to read: HI, MOM VENUS! (FIRST PART)

We had never wished the sun setting behind the mountains that much, but that meant that the night was arriving and, usually we had to separate to go home to sleep, but that night was different, we were all anxious to see the sunset and Venus appearing.




-“Look! Can you see her?” – I said.

– “Where is she?” – Gemma Screamed.

– “There, I think is that one!” – Yelled Adele.

-“Yeeees! That´s her! can you see how shiny she is! I told you ! she is the first appearing at the sky and the most brilliant! – I said.


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Short Story written by: Jose Manuel (Spain).

My name is Lauren, and I am very young, your age, more or less. For some time now, mostly during summer; when I´m on holidays, I like to see de sky. The mix of colors that gives us is wonderful, the oranges, blues, also ochres, browns, dark colors, etc.

There is a moment, in such a range of colors, that the sun sets behind the mountains, and that is my favorite light moment. Is a strong light, blazing, full of strength, the only light I can see in the sky, there is no other like that.




After so many times waiting and looking at her, we are now friends, although we can only stay together for a short time, she leaves pretty fast because her cousin, the moon, comes with her pijamas saying is time to go to bed.


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Short Story written by: Marina Elisabeth Velasquez (Guatemala)

It was a nice summer day, it was very hot and Bobby, a very naughty boy, had nothing new to do and so was very bored. Bored of being inside the house, went to the backyard to try to catch some insects to begin a collection. Got a jar, a little spade, and a little net to hunt butterflies.

He had got some animals, but wanted many more, was so enthusiastic getting insects at the garden, that decided to go further to discover what kind of animals were outside the house. Suddenly saw a butterfly with the colors of the rainbow and decided to include it in his collection. He was so anxious of getting the butterfly, that went to the deepest part of the mountain without realizing it. Finally, the butterfly lied on a ceiba tree trunk that had a big hole in the middle, and the butterfly went inside the hole.


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Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz

Lena, Margaret and Josh were three, 6 year old kids. They were very good, but a bit naughty. They were also very good friends at school and in life, and always played together.

One day, when there was no school (because it was Saturday), they played with Lena´s dog, who was always with them and was called Lily. Margaret said to her friends:

Short stories - The little boy and the almonds

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Short Story written by: Viviana Martinez (Colombia)

Hi mum, I am going to tell you something that happened to me today at nursery school. Imagine for a minute that I was the new girl at school and everybody saw me differently but that I was in the middle of everything; Do you know what, mummy?, I met a skinny girl, with long, black hair like Rapunzel´s, but also curly. She has chocolate coloured skin and a heart full of love and happiness, and she hugged me with her soft arms.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

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