Short Story written by: Romina Anabel

Once upon a time there was a little cook living in a faraway town, it was really faraway. She was called Caroline, and was a cute and good girl. Her hair colour was curly and golden blond and so long it reached her waist. Her eyes were as blue as the sky and her lips were so pink that even the roses were amazed by them. She had cute freckles on her cheeks that gave her a touch of mischeviousness.

The faraway town had a king who was always sad, in a bad mood and bored. He ate chips, hamburgers, soda, sweets and all the junk food he could buy, because he did not have any chef in his palace because of his difficult character.


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Short Story written by: Samuel Omar Sánchez Terán

Uncle Rabbit is visiting his cousin the mole at his big house far away from town. They haven´t seen each other in ages and hug for a long time.

Uncle Rabbit has brought a basket of fruit for his cousin who invites him into his house. The mole offers the rabbit a glass of orange juice and tells him the good news: “We have grilled vegetables for lunch!”

Uncle Rabbit looks at him excitedly, “Mmm, can´t wait to eat a delicious meal with my dear cousin.”

Short stories-the-mole-with-glasses

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Short Story written by: Cristhiane Celeste Galarza (7 years old)

Lassie was a playful but naughty dog who always up to mischief.

He always watched people playing with other dogs. One day he saw a kid going alone into a magic shop. Lassie waited for him outside to check what he was doing.

When the boy came out, he had a plastic bag that caught lassie´s attention, because it had two packs of sausages inside!


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Short Story written by: Laura (11 years old)

Peter, Jenny, John and Mary were four brothers and sisters living in a big house with their parents. They were lively and playful, always playing together, going to the park and having fun.

Years passed and each one of them became independent. Their parents were very sad but Jenny, who lived next door, visited them often.


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Short Story written by: Elisabeth Durango  Hernandez

Hector was always eating junk food. He loved it and his mother allowed him to do it.

Used to eat five peaces of pizza only for breakfast with strawberry milkshake; nine hot dogs at lunch time with coke, and seven big burgers for dinner.


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