Every day, John went out to the garden to cut the grass and water the plants.

John really liked to take care of his garden and also to clean his statues of elves and smurfs.

blue smurf

So, in order to cut the grass, he would first go to an outhouse full of wood, where he kept his tools. one day, when he turned on the light he realised that the ceramic statue of the blue smurf was not in the same place, but he didn’t take much notice and took the lawnmower and went out to his garden. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a musician called Jonas who used to compose songs at home with his recording equipment which included new microphones and loud speakers that he had just bought. Everything he loved was inside the “music room”.

One day, Jonas was recording a new song in his music room when a strange noise sounded from one of the new loud speakers.

elf, duende, magic

Jonas didn’t think much about it and continued tuning his instruments for his new song.

But after a few minutes he heard the noise again. “It seems like there is someone inside the loud speaker” – thought Jonas. So he checked the loud speakers but didn´t find anything and so continued working. Continue reading…


In the Snake kingdom, when a snake wants to get to be a prince they have to fulfill two requirements. The first one is to be over eighteen and the second is to swallow a Samurai sword.

Snaky was the youngest snake in the kingdom, but she was also the brightest.

Snaky wanted to participate in the prince competition, but she was too young and nobody would let her.


As every year, lots of snakes participated in the competition to be prince . They all tried to eat the sword but none of them could do it. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a very smart girl called Lina. She lived with her parents in a neighbourhood in Madrid in Spain. Her house was really big with a big garden and a spacious garage where Lina would play and invent new things.

She was really smart, and was able to learn things that the rest of the kids could not even imagine.


One day, she went to repair her parents car and had an idea. Why not use chickpeas as petrol? She was really confident and so started to develop her invention. Continue reading…


Today we have decided to write some animal riddles.  Some of them you might have heard and others are less well known.  You will be able to share them with your children, pupils, grandchildren, nieces and nephews,etc.  The purpose of these riddles is to develop your imagination. The more you do the faster you will solve them.

So here are 7 riddles. Try out your wit and see if you can guess the animals.

I spin my web in corners

And also between branches

To trap a careless fly

Who likes to take chances.

I am very hard to spot

‘Cause I change colour a lot.

With my tongue I eat a fly

That so quickly passes by.  Continue reading…


Lina was a gifted girl who became an astronaut when she was only 6 years old. This is how she made her dream come true, that of visiting different planets and moons in outer space.

One day as she was travelling through space, she came across a Martian who told her that planet Earth was in danger as some evil asteroids were planning to attack Earth.

short stories lina the astronaut

Continue reading…


Many years ago there was once a wizard who had a very valuable treasure, for it made any dream come true. It was a magic lamp, which had passed from generation to generation until finally it was coming into the hands of the latest descendent, Daniel.

Daniel was about to turn twelve, and he received the magic lamp as a birthday present from his parents. The instructions were very simple, as his father explained: “Daniel, the magic lamp will make any wish come true, but it will only grant wishes that are truly good for you. And all you need to do is rub the magic lamp several times.”

That day, Daniel did not dare to pick up the magic lamp. He was a little nervous about it, for he still didn’t know what to ask or what was truly good for him. In the end, he decided to go to sleep… But in the middle of the night Daniel suddenly woke up with a start, jumped out of bed and picked up the magic lamp that he had left on his bedside table.

Short stories - the magic lamp

He had thought of something and was very intrigued to know if the magic lamp would grant it… But what could this exciting wish be? You will soon find out!

Daniel shut his eyes tightly and rubbed the magic lamp three times, then put it on the floor. After a few minutes, his wish still hadn’t been granted so he had decided to wait a little longer. He sat in front of the magic lamp, getting more and more impatient. Continue reading…


There was once a bird called Hawthorn, who loved to flutter about near the electrical cables that exist in lots of towns. In particular he liked to be near the lamp posts, because it was nice and warm there and the birds had somewhere to perch.

On the cables there was a strange red object, which the birds called “Mr Red Heart“. This peculiar red heart was as round as a ball, and as red as a pepper. There were other red hearts scattered across the cable, which attracted the birds’ attention.

One day, another bird called Lucas (who was known to tell lies), told Hawthorn: “You have to be very, very nice to the red heart, for he saves us from hitting the cables.”

Short stories- The bird and mr red heart

Lucas was right about one thing: the red heart told the birds that there was a cable there so they wouldn’t fly into it, for the cable isn’t very visible in the air. In fact, humans call the red heart “bird guards“. Continue reading…


Bobble was a little reindeer for Father Christmas, but he had only just turned 3 months old so he still didn’t have any antlers. Bobble was the only one of Santa’s reindeer that couldn’t fly, for if you didn’t already know, the reason why Father Christmas’ reindeer can fly is because their antlers are magic.

Little Bobble was always dreaming that his antlers had grown and that Santa Claus had picked him to pull the sleigh and take the toys to all the children’s houses. But then he would wake up and realise that it was all a dream and that his antlers still hadn’t appeared.

One morning when Bobble woke up from his dream, Father Christmas was sitting beside him: “Santa” cried Bobble, “I had the same dream again. I dreamed my antlers had grown and that I could go with you to deliver the presents, but they still haven’t grown…”

Short stories - santa claus sleepy reindeer

Father Christmas replied: “Don’t worry, Bobble. You’ll see that your dream will soon become reality. You just have to be patient a little longer.”

That same night when Bobble was asleepSanta Claus crept up to his bed and Continue reading…