Short Story for boys and girls written by: Chris Morales.

There was a girl called Anna, who was studying in Esmarth Vil, a primary school in the United States.

She was the most hardworking girl at her school, her marks were higher than the others. She was the best, but nobody wanted to be her friend. They didn´t want to play with her and teased her.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One day, the teacher set an exam and a boy called Robert signed his exam using Ana´s name. So, when the teacher returned all the exams, everybody was shocked. Anna found out she had failed the exam, and the other kids were happy of this.


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Short Story for boys and girls written by: Luis Muñoz (Spain).

There was a country house in a beautiful valley. It was very big, beautiful, built with good taste, and full of details.

The owner was a well off landowner called John. He was a person who had a good heart, loved animals, and he liked going hunting.

Short stories - The little boy and the almonds

He used to capture different living birds and put them into cages. He liked seeing the animals close-up, to take care of them and to protect them. Before capturing them, these wild animals lived in the valley.


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Short Story for Boys and girls written by: Obed Madrid Calvo.

A gnome who lived in the forest, was at home boiling chestnuts in his cooking pot as it was the soup he really liked.

His friend, Mr.Snail appeared at the window and called out to him.


– “Good morning Happy Gnome” – greeted the snail.

– “Hello Mr.Snail, do you want to taste my chestnut soup?” – said the gnome.

– “Mmm, it smells really nice!”- the snail said.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Maria Alejandra Maya M. (9 years old).

Once upon a time…

There was a friendly monster called Merlin, who didn´t like being bad, but everybody was afraid of him.

There were also dragons and, as they were bad, people thought that Merlin was bad too.


Merlin decided to go out for a walk with his friend Lisa. They met a group of girls who, when they saw Merlin, were really scared.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Monica.

Granny Mary had a black sheep that she had raised. She had to sell Blacky´s mother because had economic troubles, and had to feed her with milk using an improvised feeding bottle with a teat.

To make Blacky eat better, she had to sat her on her own lap, each morning and each afternoon.

Short stories - the little shepherd and his sheep

The little sheep breeding has been raised like another member of the family, she used to go for walks with Granny Mary, and used to hang inside the house looking for food, eating it later outside the house.


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Short Story written by: Manuel

This is the story of a girl, who had a normal family. The story says that there was an old woman walking down the street near a park. She had been shopping at the supermarket and was carrying plastic bags. When the little girl, who was playing in the park, saw her walking with the heavy bags, she did not hesitate to go and help her. The thankful granny gave her lots of candies and asked her:

“Who taught you such good manners?”


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Short Story written by: Jose Mauricio Puentes Arias.

One day, all the animals in the forest decided to have a meeting, from the biggest to the smallest, because they wanted to solve a problem that they were worried about. They were tired of seeing humans throw their rubbish into the water, contaminating and so harming nature.

For this reason, lots of them, mostly their young, were dying. They hatched a plan to make humans suffer just as much as the animals were suffering.


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Short Story written by: “The Ecologist”

One day a dreamy girl was taking a walk with her parents when the sky turned grey and it was about to rain. The girl, who had a beautiful, curly, black hair looked up at the sky with her big brown eyes and saw that the drops of the rain, were love drops from God.

The curious girl decided to investigate what the drops were exactly, she analysed them and discovered that they were actually drops of moral values, which could help her be a better person.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

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Momo was a little kid living in Africa with all his family. He had listened to his wise grandfather´s songs and rituals since he was small.

His grandfather was the witch doctor in the village, or that´s how he was known there.  Legend says that when he was in the mountains singing his rainy song to the gods, all Africa was covered by rain for several hours. Momo knew that there was a drought and how important it was to distribute water, so his grandfather was his hero.

short stories - glug and the water cycle
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“Sleep baby, sleep right now, otherwise, the boogeyman will come and eat you…”

This was the song that Peter´s mum used to sing him every night at bedtime. Poor Peter was always thinking “How can I sleep with a boogeyman around?”. But he always ended up falling asleep.

One day, when his mother left the room, Peter heard a noise inside the wardrobe, and of course he thought it was the boogeyman. Peter didn’t sleep at all that night. He called out to his parents a few times and was very scared.


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