Short Story for Kids…

It was a sad day, or that is what I felt; it was raining non stop, the sky was dark and I was in my room trying to do my homework, but I was not able to concentrate.

I observed the landscape for a while, and then, I looked for some information about our planet on the books, but I could not find anything good enough to write down my biology book. So I decided to relax a bit and go to ask my Grandmother later, she would know what to say about this lesson.


I was surprised of her nice greeting when I arrived, she did not use to be so cordial, then, I asked her help for my homework and she said:

– “What I first have to say is that our planet is not like this due to the weather; the pass of the generations is what has made this disaster. When I was a young girl living with my parents, we used to take care of the environment together and save water; never wasted electricity, and always put the litter at the correct place”…

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Short Story for Kids written by: Sergio (Argentina)

I have a passion since I´m small. Cars! I collect them, I have small and big. When I go to main square my dad rents me a kart, and I am a real driver!, and I´m fast, of course. I drive on the pavement like if it was a real race kart. I train too much to be the best. Sometimes, if I see another boy driving a kart, I try to have a race.

My neighborhood organized a race at the main square for Children´s day. I knew it was my chance to be a Champion. I was so happy that I convinced my friend Maxi to come to the race with me. I knew it was a risk because he is one of the best also, but this way, if we won, we would both enjoy it, and it would not be so hard in case we lost.


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Short Story written by: Ramiro García

Martin decided to play in Brazil for at least two more years to relax with his girlfriend and not think about moving away. Days later, he went to visit Argentina, to visit the places his friends had recommended him. He went for a week because he had a friendly game against England coming up and he wanted to be in good condition to do his best and have a chance of being spotted, which is what he had wanted from the beginning.

When he arrived in England, he went to train and then to workout in the gym to be in good condition for the match. Martin started the game and was very happy to step out onto his own country’s pitch.

sports stories football kids

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Short Story written by: Ramiro García.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Martin living in England, and his dream was to play for a professional football team in his country. He actually played for his neighbourhood team, and worked hard to improve every day so that he could one day reach his dream.

One day, he received an email from Brazil saying that they had seen him playing and wanted him in their team. Martin thought about it for a while and finally accepted.


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Short Story written by: Jesus Eduardo Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful white pony called Ellys, whose dream was to fly and touch the sky.

The pony wanted his wish to come true so much that he went into the woods to find someone to ask.

He first asked a couple of rabbits:

“Do you know how can I fly up to the sky?”

Short stories - The princess and her swift horse

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Short Story (Part 2), written by: Mapy

The old turtle went into the cave and began to walk. Croky started to sing out aloud so the turtle could hear him.

The little frog sang louder and louder forgetting all his complexes, ensuring that the turtle could hear him from the cave.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

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Short Story written by: Mapy.

In a faraway bog lived three little frogs that were siblings, two girls and a boy called Croky and they all loved singing. The two girls had a very nice voice but Croky did not have the same talent as his sisters and didn´t sing very well.

Croky had a shrill voice. He felt very sad every time his sisters sang and could not understand why he wasn´t like them. He would hide somewhere in the forest to practice, but his voice was always the same.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

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