Short Story for Kids written by: Ulica Tizaber.

Once upon a time, there was a mouse who was a mouse and a pedestrian. He was living on a farm, because he was a woodmouse, and sometimes he made trips to the city.

As a mouse, he used to run all over the floor of the barn really fast, smelling everything that was similar to cheese.

Childrens stories - the tiny little mouse

He was very happy being a mouse, but it also had disadvantages, because any time a cat pursued him, the mouse got so nervous that it walked everywhere, banging his head on the walls, getting many bumps. But, as he was a prudent observer, he only met the cat a few times when his concentration lapsed.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Alarilla.

Toto was a nine year old boy, who really liked going to class because besides learning lots of things from different subjects, he could play with his friends.

His grandfather John was always taking him to school by the hand to protect him, because they had to cross a few streets where the cars used to go through very fast.

traffic sign short story

One day, going back home coming from school, they were about to cross one of the streets, when a car went through without respecting the zebra crossing and almost hit them.

Toto and his grandfather had a big fright, the car almost ran over them and the driver did not even stop to check if they were right.


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Short Story written by: Ruben Araya L.

There was a guanaco who was not happy living with his family, so decided to move to any other place where he could find his happiness. His family was sad when he left.

After a long walk, met a rhea, who asked him what was he doing hanging around there, and he answered that was coming from the high fields in where he left his family.

animal stories guanaco

The guanaco said to the rhea that he might be really happy, because had beautiful wings full of feathers; and the rhea denied it, because he wanted to fly like a condor, and he was only able of running.

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Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz

Lena, Margaret and Josh were three, 6 year old kids. They were very good, but a bit naughty. They were also very good friends at school and in life, and always played together.

One day, when there was no school (because it was Saturday), they played with Lena´s dog, who was always with them and was called Lily. Margaret said to her friends:

Short stories - The little boy and the almonds

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Short Story written by: Miguel Angel Motta U.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who owned a flock of one hundred sheep. They went out every day to graze in the leafy fields. One day, one of the sheep disobeyed his master and escaped.

The owner used to advise them not to go far on their own because there was a wolf hanging around those fields that would hurt them.

Short stories - the little shepherd and his sheep

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Nora was a 3-year old girl who loved strawberry yogurt, and everyday after dinner ate one.

While her parents were watching TV, Nora would open the fridge and look for a yogurt that were on the highest shelf of the fridge. She couldn´t see them because she was still too small, but always ended up finding one by touching the shelf with her hands.


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