Short Story written by: Yohana Vanessa

Matilda was a girl who only liked to out to play with her friends and to go to the beach and have fun.

One day someone told her about an abandoned house where somebody was giving away sweets and chocolates to children.


When she arrived an old woman called Perly appeared. Perly lived alone but wanted somebody to live with her, so when she saw Matilda, she locked her up in a room. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a doll sitting on a shelf in a girl´s room. The girl was called Sophie and the doll was Poppy and she was Sophie´s favourite doll.

Poppy loved to sit on the shelf and look out over the room full of things and at her friend Sophie who Poppy really loved.


One day Sophie forgot to close the window before going to class, and Poppy caught a cold. Continue reading…


Short Story written by: Ana Maria Amarfil

Every year a Big circus comes to the city, We the children are anxious to see the big lion opening his big mouth and showing his teeth.

The lion tamer is a tall, young man that puts his head into the lion´s mouth while all the women and children scream.

Children´s stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

We all think that the lion is going to bite him, but the young tamer takes his head out of the lion´s mouth and smiles and we all feel relieved. Continue reading…


When Johnny Mole rose to the surface from his den to look for his friend, a Pippi Mouse, he didn´t know that a gardener was mowing the lawn. When he saw the blades of the lawnmower he ran back to his den.

Johnny is the most intelligent mole in the garden. When he was 3 months old he could already solve riddles.

mole garden

One day Johnny and his friend Pippi were playing in the garden, digging a tunnel from the garden to the porch of the house. But that day Pippi’s tunnel ended up leading to the gardener´s house. Continue reading…


Written by: Lucia Nante

In a beautiful field of flowers there was a hive of one thousand bees. When Spring was almost over, the Queen bee realised that her descendent, the young Queen bee was ready to accept responsibility for the hive. So now was the moment to transfer the young bee her position. After she had taught the traditions and social behaviour of the group, the old Queen would leave the hive and the young Queen would create a new hive.

One day, the Queen told the other bees of her plan of to transfer her kingdom to the young Queen. The young Queen knew the plan and asked some of them to go with her to create the new hive.


There was a little bee called Nala who saw the opportunity to leave and have new adventures. She had been told about the group of bees (swarm) that were to leave to build a new hive far from there.

Nala, like the others, had received the necesssary instructions on how to respect the queen at the new hive. One of the rules attracted her attention, it was about a big colourful flower with lots of pollen in which it was forbidden to land. Continue reading…


Short Story for kids, written by: Vanessa

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Valerie who had an uncle named Philip. Philip took Valerie and her brother to a veterinarian named “PET”.

Valerie´s brother bought a hamster and called him Cia, then Valerie started to cry because she also wanted one. When her brother saw her so upset, he decided to buy another hamster. His name was Zuka.

Five months later Valerie realized that the animals could climb the curtains and that it could be dangerous because they could fall. Continue reading…


Every year, the Smith family went on holiday to their favourite campsite which was near to a beach.

But one year they saw something really strange when they arrived. All the huts and bungalows looked filthy and deserted. They were full of spider webs and the water in the pool was totally green.

shortstories ghost

The family were about to get out of their car to see more clearly what was happening, when something unexpected happened: The door to the campsite closed violently and they couldn’t leave. Continue reading…


A summary of one of the most famous short stories in the world, Little Red Riding Hood. Next, the original short story.


Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. One day, her mother said: “Little Red Riding Hood, take this basket full of cakes to your grandmother, she is ill. Don’t get distracted on the way, the forest is dangerous and there is a wolf around.

“Yes Mum!” – Said Little Red Riding hhood.

foto caperucita roja

Little Red Riding Hood walked happily to her grandmother’s house, but suddenly, a wolf appeared.

–          Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?

–          To my granny´s house, to give her these cakes.

The wolf convinced the girl to take a longer path while he took the short path, so he could arrive before her and eat her grandmother. Then he ate Little red Riding Hood.

Later, after eating them, the wolf fell asleep beside the river. Suddenly, a woodcutter saw him and took the little girl and her granny out of the wolf´s stomach and saved their lives.

Then he filled the wolf´s belly full of big stones and threw him into the river.



Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone who looked at her, but most of all by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she wouldn’t give to the child. Once she gave her a little riding hood of red velvet, which suited her so well that she never wore anything else; so she was always called ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ Continue reading…


There was once a man called Fermín who loved running with the bulls in the Spanish town of Pamplona.  Fermín was from a small village in Spain, and every year in early July he would pack his bags and set off for Pamplona to join lots of other people at the festival. It was a very popular event called the “Sanfermines” – a bit like his name. But the first year he went, he didn’t realise just how big the bulls were and just how fast they ran.

Fermín dressed all in white with a red neckerchief around his neck and prepared himself to run with the bulls. There were hundreds of people there, singing a traditional song to Saint Fermín to protect them in the chase… and after a few minutes, they released the bulls from the pens.

Fermín was very afraid when he saw the bulls running towards him, for he had never seen such big bulls before. He froze in sheer fright from the chaos of all the people running and all the bulls hurtling along behind them.

Short stories - Fermin and the pamplona bulls

Unfortunately, Fermín had frozen in the middle of the most dangerous street in the chase, Estafeta Street. Just when the bulls were about to reach him,a man came racing up to him, grabbed his arm and pulled him over the barrier. Continue reading…


Somewhere in a large coastal city, there was an enormous beach where the turtles went to raise their newborn young. That was where Juliet was born, and she is the main turtle in our story.

When Juliet was a baby turtle, she was protected all day long by her mother so that nothing would happen to her. But as she grew older, she began to realise that she was a born explorer and she enjoyed going off on her own to explore new beaches.

When Juliet was old enough, she decided that to explore the world she would have to get a vehicle in which to travel, for turtles were very, very, very slow.

Short stories - the turtle and the moped

So she asked her mother to buy her a moped so that she could go off and discover new lands further away. But Juliet’s mother said: “Certainly not! I’m not going to buy you a moped because they’re very dangerous for turtles – they are not made for us.” Continue reading…