Short Story written by: Noelia Pablo.

In a faraway town, in the fields lived lots of families of different animals. One of the families was the fox family.

The family of foxes were worried because they didn´t know how to protect themselves from other animals.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

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There was a little lion called Tod living in a beautiful forest. The environment he lived in was perfect, but he felt sad.

One day he went for a stroll with his family and they went so far that they arrived to a scary part of the forest known as “The Black Forest” where all the animals were terrifying and mysterious.

All the lions in his pride avoided the black forest, Tod did also, but he had the misfortune to run off alone to the opposite side of the forest and get lost.


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Short Story written by: Maria Isabel Romero Arraez, 19 años.

Nila was a lovely fairy, pretty and kind. She lived in the fairy palace surrounded by flowers, rivers and animals.

She was the only fairy unable to fly, as she fell to the ground every time she tried to fly, so she decided not to try it again.

Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper

But Nila was very upset because all her friends could fly and play together and she couldn´t. She would go to the river and talk to her friend the ant who always advised Nila not to worry. Continue reading…


Willy the bear lived in a beautiful place in the middle of a mountain range full of green fields that nobody knew about.

He was very lucky, as this beautiful place was all for him, and he could eat everything he wanted, so actually he was a very big bear.


One day when he woke up found out something devastating. Some of the trees had died!

“What has happened to you?”- said Willy with tears in his eyes. Continue reading…


Dory was the most colourful butterfly in the butterfly town of Aley. When Dory flew over the big fields of Aley everything turned colourful and bright.

She was a very happy butterfly, and everybody near her could feel her enthusiasm and optimism.

One rainy day a green lizard arrived in Aley looking for food, but unfortunately this lizard´s favourite food was butterflies.


It didn´t take long for the butterflies to hear about the evil lizard’s arrival. Aley had been such a secure place for so many years that nobody in the universe knew about its existence. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Jorge (17 years old)

On a faraway planet, far from our galaxy, there was a civilisation called “Trock”. The Trock were stronger than humans and had different colour skin. They were, red, green and blue, and had special powers.

At the time of this story, the “Trock” were being attacked by invaders called “The Kalk” who were very bad and cruel. They had been thrown out of their planet because of their behaviour and so they wanted to control Trock planet and dethrone King Philip.

So King Philip and his soldiers made a plan that, if it worked, would lay a perfect trap to catch the “Kalk”

king, soldier

The plan consisted in making soldier figures wearing armour and putting them behind the door  so they looked as if they were going to attack the Kalk´s army, in which his brother, the evil Ferkus was the commanding officer. But Ferkus suspected that something strange was going on. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a little stork called Lily who lived in a bell tower in a small town in Spain.

The town had lots of storks, and was known as the town with the most storks in the world.


Lily had lots of friends and often played with them, but what she most liked to do was to take care of her town. Every half an hour, Lily would fly around and watch everything that was going on. Continue reading…


John was a boy who lived with his father and his big brother in a small town.

John´s brother was really smart unlike John. Everybody admired him, even his father.

One day, John´s brother injured his hand in a domestic accident and it started to bleed. His father went to John and said “John, your brother´s hand is bleeding, don´t look at him, you might be afraid”.

John didn´t understand his father and asked him – “What is fear?”.-  His father couldn’t believe what he was saying, – “You don’t know what fear means? Ok, go to the woods and you will discover what it means”. And so that is what John did. Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a mole called Molly, who lived in a field in the middle of nowhere. Lots of other moles in her family lived there, too.

The moles usually spent their time digging holes in the earth and hideouts hidden under the ground. Although moles have an excellent sense of smell, their sight is very bad and they can barely see beyond their noses.

Molly was a very special mole, for she had decided to wear glasses to see better and therefore be able to dig tunnels more quickly. All the moles in the field laughed at her for this, and she felt very depressed.

Short stories-the-mole-with-glasses

But one day the Mole Olympics were held in the field, and Molly put herself forward for the event of “most extraordinary digger.” This consisted of digging a tunnel more than two kilometres long, leaving from one point in the field and arriving precisely at that same point through the tunnel. Continue reading…