New Short Story for boys and girls written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Three lively fairies opened the closet and enjoyed the shoes, accessories and especially the dresses.

Samantha, a a young fashion lover, did not noticed those visits, and, while she was brushing her hair, the fairies were inside her closet having fun changing their clothes.

fairy fly princess

The oldest was organizing a fashion show, the youngest was ready, wearing shoes like if she was going to a wedding. The middle fairy was guarding to avoid being discovered. And the three of them started their party well dressed.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Alarilla.

Toto was a nine year old boy, who really liked going to class because besides learning lots of things from different subjects, he could play with his friends.

His grandfather John was always taking him to school by the hand to protect him, because they had to cross a few streets where the cars used to go through very fast.

traffic sign short story

One day, going back home coming from school, they were about to cross one of the streets, when a car went through without respecting the zebra crossing and almost hit them.

Toto and his grandfather had a big fright, the car almost ran over them and the driver did not even stop to check if they were right.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Gabriela Espin.

Once upon a time…

There were to siblings living with their granny. The oldest one, John, was very loud mouth and was always disturbing his little brother Josh; who was always crying because of that.

One day, their granny took them for a walk through the forest, and Josh stayed behind and got lost.


When their granny, and John realized that Josh was not behind them started to call him and to look for him everywhere, but they could not find Josh. So John look at the sky and said:

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Short Story for Kids…

It was a sad day, or that is what I felt; it was raining non stop, the sky was dark and I was in my room trying to do my homework, but I was not able to concentrate.

I observed the landscape for a while, and then, I looked for some information about our planet on the books, but I could not find anything good enough to write down my biology book. So I decided to relax a bit and go to ask my Grandmother later, she would know what to say about this lesson.


I was surprised of her nice greeting when I arrived, she did not use to be so cordial, then, I asked her help for my homework and she said:

- “What I first have to say is that our planet is not like this due to the weather; the pass of the generations is what has made this disaster. When I was a young girl living with my parents, we used to take care of the environment together and save water; never wasted electricity, and always put the litter at the correct place”…

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Short Story written by: Yaima Zulueta

Once upon a time there was an old rabbit called John living in a small cute house up in the mountains with his two granddaughters, Lily and Tina.

Everybody in town loved and respected John, was 100 years old and had been nice with the other animals during his entire life. Now was a wise and strong rabbit.


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There was an old man living in a village up in the mountains called Ernest who was taking care of his granddaughter Jane while her parents were working at the field.

Ernest had no friends because of his grumpy reputation, nobody wanted to be near him thinking he was a grouch man.


Jane was very sad because of that, she knew how kind and nice was her grandpa. So, decided to visit the “dreams tree” of the high hill to make a wish.

“I would like my grandfather to be more smiling, this way they all will know how nice and kind he is”.

The following morning, when Jane woke up and saw her grandfather preparing breakfast didn´t notice any change and assumed that her wish had not been granted.

But on the way to school a woman greeted them, and Ernest smiled her back: “good morning”- said. Jane was shocked, her wish had been fulfilled, her grandfather was smiling to everybody.

Everybody was very surprised and realized how wrong they were, is not fair to judge anyone before getting to know them.

From that day on, everybody in town had affection for Ernest who was known as the smiling grandpa.




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