Short Story written by: María Morales.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful flower with very attractive colors: brilliant red; orange and yellow.  The flower was very happy, because everybody said she was beautiful. One day began to rain during sunrise and did not stop until nightfall.

When the flower woke up the next day opened her petals and realized that they had lost their color. Now were white like the snow. What had happened? The flower was so sad, could not stop crying. Suddenly, a fairy wearing a dress with a long tail and colored like the rainbow, appeared:

Short stories - Fleur and the photosynthesis

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Short Story written by: Manuel

This is the story of a girl, who had a normal family. The story tells that there was an old woman walking down the street near a park. She had bought at the supermarket and was carrying plastic bags. When the little girl, who was playing at the park,  saw her walking with the heavy bags, did not hesitate on going to help her. The thankful granny gave her lots of candies and asked her:

“Who taught you such good manners?”


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Short Story written by: Mariana Morales.

Once upon a time, there was a hard-working ant called Lucy. She was living alone in the ant´s nest, which was in a path.

The ant was always going out to take some leaves, walking a long way until a tree to cut the leaves and bring them until her ant´s nest.

Short stories - Tip, the curious ant

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Short Story written by: Cristina Velazquez

Once upon a time, there were a monkey and a tiger; that tired of doing always the same, went out searching for a place to live . They walked a lot before finding it, it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen. Different mountains, different heights, high, small, with a beautiful green colour of the trees and plants living on the mountains.

They stopped there and the monkey made a hole with his hands and a cave for both of them. Days passed, and they were happy there, looking for food, playing with other animals.

Short stories - the monkey and the rocks

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Short Story written by: Michel Martinez

Peter and Anna were one day going back home from school when passed through the park and decided to stay there a while to enjoy the sunny day.

It was summer, birds were singing and the landscape was looking beautiful. All the trees were leafy, green and beautiful but one.

There was one tree with no leaves and sad appearance. The kids asked the gardener why was that tree so sad who told them that it was going to be cut down the next day.

Short stories - The day of the tree

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Short Story written by: Miranda Guzman

There was a big tree in an old house´s garden. Three animal communities where living in the tree; a honeycomb with lots of bees, butterflies at the branches of the tree and down at the roots the ants had built their homes.

Winter was coming and it was time to prepare for the season; the butterflies were still caterpillars and ate the leaves of the big tree, the bees started to collect pollen and the ants began to save food to survive during winter.


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Short Story written by: Diana Lagarda

In a house in a tree lived a beautiful goblin called Iris, he used to dress with colorful clothes inspired by the rainbow.

He was very happy and wanted all the kids in the world be happy too.

So one day he decided to go out to look for the children that were sad to help them. Unfortunately he found lots.


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