Short Stories for Kids written by: Rosa Godoy Mendez.

– “Peter! Pick up your toys!” – said his mum for the fifth time.

But Peter was so excited with his new video game, that he didn´t obey his mother.


– “Please, Peter, I´m not repeating it again, it´s time to have a shower and then eat dinner”.


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Short Stories for girls and boys written by: Rosa Jimenez Peralta.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Dayane, she was very disobedient, never obeyed her mum, and her mum wanted to teach her a lesson. She punished her every time she behaved badly, but Dayana continued the same as always and didn’t care about the consequences.

She knew it was for her own good. Her mum loved her and didn´t want anything bad to happen to her, thats why she always gave her advice.


One day, Dayane woke up very early. When her mum saw her she told her to sit on a wood chair. Dayane didn´t want to, so her mom asked her to take another chair, but the rebellious girl said:

– “No!”


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New Short Story for Kids written by: La Ranita Josefina perez

Once upon a time…

There was a very brave cat called Bubu. He was always up to mischief and did not like to obey or help his mum. What he really liked was to go out and play between the small trees and flowers in the garden, while mum watched through the window.

short story animal cat kitty

One day, the little kitty climbed up to the window as from there he could watch all the houses around. He especially kept his eyes on one courtyard where there was a tree.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Samaria Isai López Beltran.

Once upon a time, there was a kid going out of his house, he was going to ride his bicycle, suddenly, turned to the left, because had seen a girl passing.

As he was distracted, a car passed really near and almost ran over him; he fell to the ground, got hurt, and the bike broke in peaces.

bike children short story

The kid went back home with many scrapes, wounds and a broken leg.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Cynthia de los Santos.

Once upon a time there was a very naughty boy, he used to hit and treat his class mates badly. One day, he went for a walk with his parents, he took lots of toys before going out and they went to the park; which had many games, lots of trees and a lake.

There were ducks and fishes in the lake, and he was having so much fun.




He was there without obeying his dad and mom, Hitting people and saying swear words (that is not right).

He went running somewhere to hide, so his parents could not see him, they were very worried, thinking something had happened to him.


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Short Story written by: Naiaomi.

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a faraway village. She had to obey her mother now she was feeling better.

It turns out that two years ago the girl did not have to go to school and that her mother had given her permission to walk through the fields, but she first had said:

chocolate house candy

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Short Story written by: Miguel Angel Motta U.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who owned a flock of one hundred sheep. They went out every day to graze in the leafy fields. One day, one of the sheep disobeyed his master and escaped.

The owner used to advise them not to go far on their own because there was a wolf hanging around those fields that would hurt them.

Short stories - the little shepherd and his sheep

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Short Story written by: Familys.

Once upon a time, there was a little elephant that had the bad habit of scaring other animals with the noise coming from his little trunk. He laughed at the other animals and used to stand behind them and blow with all his might. The rest of the animals where annoyed with him because of his pranks.


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Short Story written by: “The Ecologist”

One day a dreamy girl was taking a walk with her parents when the sky turned grey and it was about to rain. The girl, who had a beautiful, curly, black hair looked up at the sky with her big brown eyes and saw that the drops of the rain, were love drops from God.

The curious girl decided to investigate what the drops were exactly, she analysed them and discovered that they were actually drops of moral values, which could help her be a better person.

short stories - glug and the water cycle

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