New Short Story for Children written by: Samaria Isai López Beltran.

Once upon a time, there was a kid going out of his house, he was going to ride his bicycle, suddenly, turned to the left, because had seen a girl passing.

As he was distracted, a car passed really near and almost ran over him; he fell to the ground, got hurt, and the bike broke in peaces.

bike children short story

The kid went back home with many scrapes, wounds and a broken leg.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Isabel García Giner.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Elisa, she was living with her dad, her mom, her little brother and her dog Simba. Elisa loved going to the field to gather flowers, she loved to make necklaces with them, always going with her dog Simba.

One day that she went to the field as any other day, got away from the forest and got lost… Simba started barking, like telling that they were lost.


chocolate house candy


She was so scared, tried to find the way back home but could not find it. They saw a house in the distance, but when they approached it realized that it was not a normal house, it was a candy house.

Meanwhile, Elisa´s father was really worried of her not coming back home, and it was getting dark. They were afraid, especially her mother, who waited at home while her father went to the field to look for her with some people from town.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Roxane (Peru).

– “Who deflated the ball? Who was it?” – Asked the seven year old girl´s dad; until Mary answered stuttering:


– “Why, darling, why…?” – asked her father almost crying.


Mary said: “I just wanted to know what was inside…that is the reason why I poked the ball with the needle”.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Cynthia de los Santos.

Once upon a time there was a very naughty boy, he used to hit and treat his class mates badly. One day, he went for a walk with his parents, he took lots of toys before going out and they went to the park; which had many games, lots of trees and a lake.

There were ducks and fishes in the lake, and he was having so much fun.




He was there without obeying his dad and mom, Hitting people and saying swear words (that is not right).

He went running somewhere to hide, so his parents could not see him, they were very worried, thinking something had happened to him.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Alexia.

It was a given saturday when Jacob decided to be a volunteer fireman. He knew that his parents were not going to agree, because were very ambitious, used to put money ahead of other things.

Jacob had a dream and wanted to fulfill it, even though he was not going to earn money. What he really cared was to be supportive and help those most in need.

Short stories - Cuthbert the fireman clown

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Short Story written by: Manuel

This is the story of a girl, who had a normal family. The story says that there was an old woman walking down the street near a park. She had been shopping at the supermarket and was carrying plastic bags. When the little girl, who was playing in the park, saw her walking with the heavy bags, she did not hesitate to go and help her. The thankful granny gave her lots of candies and asked her:

“Who taught you such good manners?”


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Short Stories written by: Luciano

Sand Castles

Summer. What a happy and hot time! Feeling the beach sand on your feet, hearing the waves splashing on the seashore, swimming and feeling the sun on your skin. Relaxing in the sea, listening to the birds, and the seagulls flying through the skies. There are many things to enjoy on the beach. Oops! I almost forgot! the ice cream seller with chocolate ice-creams, fresh water and fruit.


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Short Story written by: Rotsen Zerep.

My classmates asked me what I had given my mum for Mother´s Day, and I told them I had given her her a caricature. They asked me why and I said I didn’t have money and that is why I had drawn her.

A month before Mother´s Day, I asked my mom to wake me up. When she did, she would sit and watch the news on TV, and when I had finished my breakfast I used to draw her without her even noticing.

Short stories - Lawrences-toy

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