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Charlie was an eight year old boy who was obedient, humble and dedicated. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a housewife and they barely had any money to eat because his father barely had any work in the village.

Charlie went to school in the village every day. He was a very smart kid, always getting high results. He was top of his class even if he only studied a little.

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Short Story written by: Luis Muñoz.

This is the story of Phil, a good kid who is smart and obedient. But he was very sad because his dream was to have a dog to play with but he wasn´t allowed. He was seven years old and adored dogs as well as other animals and that´s why he was sad and unconsolable.

He had asked his parents for a dog a thousand times. He didn´t have brothers or sisters and so felt even more lonely. His parents had refused to buy him a dog because they didn’t like animals.

Short stories - Pluto the swimming dog

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“Sleep baby, sleep right now, otherwise, the boogeyman will come and eat you…”

This was the song that Peter´s mum used to sing him every night at bedtime. Poor Peter was always thinking “How can I sleep with a boogeyman around?”. But he always ended up falling asleep.

One day, when his mother left the room, Peter heard a noise inside the wardrobe, and of course he thought it was the boogeyman. Peter didn’t sleep at all that night. He called out to his parents a few times and was very scared.


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Short Story written by: Laura (11 years old)

Peter, Jenny, John and Mary were four brothers and sisters living in a big house with their parents. They were lively and playful, always playing together, going to the park and having fun.

Years passed and each one of them became independent. Their parents were very sad but Jenny, who lived next door, visited them often.


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Short Story written by: Liliana Velàsquez

Matthew and Nicholas loved to go to the mountains for holidays. Their parents had a big house in a little village in the middle of the fields, surrounded by green meadows.

They were always playing with their ball in the fields near the house.

One of their neighbours was an old woman who took great care over her flowers and the kids parents had advised them not to play near her garden.


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Short Story written by: Delsy Janet Quispe Goto.

Daniel lived with his parents and his nanny Joana, in a beautiful house in front of the park. But he was never in the park. His parents were always working and he preferred to be at home studying rather than outside playing. He used to spend too much time in his home library while Joana did the housework.

Daniel was actually very sad, as for most of the day he was alone with Joana. His parents were never at home and this frustrated him. Joana was always trying to motivate the boy to go out and play with the other kids, but he used to ignore her. He knew that he would have fun with them, but he was never in the mood to go.


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Short Story written by: Paloma

There was a little girl who lived with her father but unfortunately they were poor.

The girl´s dream was to have a big colourful castle and a pony.

One day she went into the woods to gather wild berries. The little girl was so distracted tasting the fruit and choosing the good ones that she didn´t realise how far she was moving away from her father’s house until it was getting late and she was lost.

Childrens stories - The little boy and the forest

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