Short Story for Kids written by: Ma. Fernanda PCH.

Once upon a time…

In a town situated at the top of a hill, someone told a story about a witch that caused darkness at the beginning of November.

A little girl called Anna hadn’t heard this story and always wondered why it was always dark during the first days of November.

Short stories - the forest fairy

One day, little Anna, anxious to know why, asked her mom about the darkness. Her mum told her the story with fear in her voice:

– “It is said in town that there is a witch in the forest that causes darkness”.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Short Stories team.


….The waiter ran off to look for help, but what a surprise when suddenly he began to turn orange, and green leaves sprouted from his head. He was turning into a pumpkin!

The kids in the dining room where still impatiently waiting for their dessert, when suddenly they heard strange voices and saw brooms flying out of the kitchen.

short stories witch kid

They all went to see what was going on. They were all delighted and approached the kitchen to see that day´s magic. Suddenly, Biby said:

-“Kids, today is Halloween!”


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Short Story for Kids written by: Short Stories team.

In Biby´s school dining room, there is a huge kitchen where, everyday, the cooks prepare the best recipes they can.

Among these recipes are lentil with vegetables, rice with tomato, meatloaf, and a very nice dessert which the veteran cook calls “chocolate ravioli”, which is always cooked for special occasions.


One day, the famous chocolate ravioli had been prepared. It had been ordered a long time ago but the dessert was still in the kitchen. Something was going on!.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Karenciro.

Once upon a time there was a very pretty and young princess, who wanted to marry the prince of her dreams.

One day she secretly travelled to Everland to see the prince she had always dreamed about, but met a powerful witch called Evelyn on the way.


The witch wanted to change places with the princess and even to look like her and this she finally did. The witch left looking exactly like the princess who was in love with the prince. The princess now looked like the witch but still had the dream of visiting the prince.


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Short Story for kids written by: Camila.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Chocolate and her parents were knight Merlin and queen Sissi.

They were very happy until one day, the witch Evelyn appeared. They ran away to hide inside the castle, but Evelyn wanted revenge.


Fifteen years later, Chocolate had grown up and it was her birthday. Her parents organized a big party to celebrate it. But when the party finished, Chocolate went outside where Evelyn was hiding and caught her, separating her from her parents.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Ana Clara de la Barrera (Argentina).

Elvira, the girl who never trusted, was a witch living in a small village far from the big cities. She used to spend lots of hours practicing her Spells, but she was too hopeless and was not able of casting spells.

She was the youngest daughter of the most important wizard of the small village, everybody used to call her “the bad witch”. She was always groaning and treating the other badly, because they did not accept her, actually she did not accept herself either.


Short Stories witch halloween


She was one day looking at the clouds through the window, when saw a group of white parrots flying around. They were like dancing at the sky, it was a beautiful choreography, almost perfect.

Elvira realized that one of the white parrots was separated from the group, and was flying faster and more strongly than the others to reach them. Suddenly, the white parrot, tired of trying it, decided to fly to the opposite way, landing on Elvira´s window.


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Short Story for Children written by: Stefani.

It was a usual day when, suddenly, started to rain. I went inside my house and, suddenly an earthquake started. The house was getting destroyed too fast.

A tornado came taking Susie with it. The girl had fallen asleep, but when she woke up, saw a beautiful place made of sweets. Began to eat until was full. Then she continued walking through a road of bonbons.


chocolate house candy


A pretty woman appeared and told her that the road of bonbons was delicious, and the chocolate road was worst. The girl did what she said and continued walking through the bonbons road. She arrived at a candy forest, it looked ugly and did not want to continue.


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Short Story for kids written by: Adela Garcia

Once upon a time, there was beautiful fairy princess, she was living in her kingdom with her father the king and her mother the queen.

Everybody there was able to fly but her and her family; because and evil wizard had put a curse on the whole family, and the spell could only be undone by a good witch, good hearted with feelings. But unfortunately, the good witch of the kingdom had died.




She said to herself:

-“I won´t give up and I will find a good witch to undo the spell!”

But she knew that her parents would never let her go to look for the witch.

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Short Story written by: Ruth Esmeralda Cardona.

Once upon a time there was a very friendly witch called Charlotte. One day, she moved to another town, she was afraid of making friends, because she thought that nobody would be her friend, and said:

“I am afraid of making new friends, I will cast a spell on them so they will come to me looking for help, then they will thank me and I will be their friend

Short Stories witch halloween

And so she did, but instead of making a new friend, she made an enemy.

All the kids complained because they wanted to be normal again, but charlotte did not apologized because was afraid of it, so didn´t.

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Short Story written by: Daisy de la Caridad Garcia (Madrid-Spain / 10 years old)

Once upon a time, there was an evil witch living in Italy. When the italians found her, locked her up in a tower so she could not do sorcery. But what they didn´t know was that she had a daughter called Katy that was borned some years before. Katy grew up alone, so she did not know that had powers.

One day, she was playing the ball in the park, a boy raised his arms and suddenly realized that was very high, near the clouds, looked down and saw almost the whole world, and said:

– “I´m flyiiiiiiiing!!!!

Short stories - The twitchy witch

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