Short Story written by: Maribel Aviles

There was a pack of wolves with lots of wolves old and young. The youngest was called Wolfy and was the most naughty of the pack.

Wolfy was always annoying his brothers and sisters at lunch time, he couldn´t stay still and always ended up eating all the food.

Short stories - The wolf and the ladder

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Short Story written by: Sthefy

Long time ago, in a faraway forest lived a monster. All the animals were scared and were always running away from him.

It looked like the monster was always angry, and those who had seen his face said that his eyes were reflecting his evil heart.

good monster

One day, a beautiful hummingbird was drinking in a big lake and saw lots of animals running to the north of the forest. The beautiful bird asked one of the animals the reason and the animal said: “If you want to live, run!. Continue reading…


Like every day, John went out to the garden to cut the grass and water the plants.

John really liked to take care of his garden and clean his statues of elfs and smurfs.

blue smurf

So, to cut the grass, first he went into an outhouse of wood in where he kept his tools. When he turned on the light realized that the ceramic figure of the blue smurf was not at the same place, but he did not care about it, took the lawnmower and went out to the garden. Continue reading…


Short Story writen by: Alba

Once upon a time there was a girl called Karla, she was very shy. One day her father the King Marcus ordered her to clean up the bedrooms of the guests that were coming from the city.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

Karla´s mother was a bit strict, she was always ordering Karla to make lots of things like washing the dishes, tidy up the room, take the trash out… Continue reading…


Once upon a time there was a little stork called Lily that lived in a bell tower in a small town of Spain.

This town had lots of storks, and was known as the one with more storks in the world.


Lily had lots of friends in town and often played with them, but what she most used to do was looking after her town. Every half an hour, Lily flew around to watch that everything was going well. Continue reading…


Hannah was a turtle who lived in the “Imagination forest”. one day she had a dream that it looked like it was real, so she decided to make it real when she woke up.

When the day started she dressed up as a stone and went to the road that goes to “Calmed lake” and stayed there waiting. Only three people passed by during the morning: “Daydream” the squirrel, “Lively” the butterfly and “Explorer” the deer.


“Daydream” was lost in thought and did not even noticed that hannah was there. “Lively” was jumping around the flowers and dodged Hannah, and “Explorer” just smelled her and left. Continue reading…


Many years ago when I was a little girl, there were lots of shepherds with their flocks of sheep. It was very strange not to find one in each village, for being a shepherd was a very normal job in those times. These days, very few children have seen a flock of sheep, except in stories and photos.

The little sheep in my village lived in an enclosure where they had a basin of water on one side for when they were thirsty, and straw on the other side for when they were hungry. Inside the enclosure was a shed that the sheep used as a shelter on days when it was rainy and cold.

The shepherd looked after them very well. It was he who gave them the straw to eat and water to drink. He also milked them and went out into the fields with them all.

Short stories - The little village sheep

What I remember most about this time was the noise of the little sheep coming back from grazing in the fields, for Nino the shepherd would put a bell on them and you would hear a tinkling “ding ding ding” sound as they trotted by, and all the children would run behind them laughing and jumping around.

The flock of sheep always passed in front of my house, and I have to admit that I was a little scared when I saw the shepherd go with them, for Nino also had a couple of goats and they frightened me a great deal – for these goats had horns. Continue reading…


Legend has it that many, many years ago there was a wizard who had always wanted to fly like a bird to see what it felt like to soar through the air. Arion, for that was the wizard’s name, hoped that one day he would finally manage to fly, so every day as soon as he got up he would set to work in his laboratory searching for the magic formula.

One day, as the wizard was doing his experiments and inventing new potions, his cat Dabra arrived in the laboratory. He was so happy to see the wizard that in his haste he broke into a run and knocked over some of the potions Arion had made.

The wizard got very annoyed with Dabra and said: “Naughty cat!! I don’t want to see you ever again, get out of this house!!” And so Dabra went sadly out onto the street.

Short stories -the magician and the magic umbrella

Arion the wizard went round cleaning up all the liquid that had fallen on the floor and on top of an old umbrella that the wizard had had since he was a boy, for it had been a gift from his grandfather. Arion couldn’t believe it – the umbrella had been stained multicoloured by the potions! “Oh no!” he cried, “That cat has destroyed my grandfather’s umbrella, it’s ruined!”

But just as Arion the wizard was about to throw the umbrella in the bin, he accidentally opened it up and saw a blaze of colourful lights surrounding him. And then he noticed that his feet weren’t touching the floor – they were in the air!

In a flash, Arion realised that the umbrella was magic, and that by holding it he could fly. Excited, he shouted: “I’m flying like a bird at last!!Continue reading…