New Short Story for Kids written by: Rosa Maria Martin – Moreno navarro.

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…Sadness prevailed in his house. His parents did not know where to take him to treat his strange illness. One night, the clouds disappeared and the moon appeared shining so intensely that all the streets seemed illuminated by lots of lampposts.

story kid hospital sick

Matthew could barely look outside the window. Finally, he opened his weak eyes and saw the moon smiling at him, Matthew asked her:

“Where have you been the whole time? I have been looking for you night after night, but I couldn’t find you, I am ill, so I wanted to say goodbye, because the doctor says that I will probably have to go somewhere really far from here and I won´t be able to see you”.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Rosa Maria Martin – Moreno Navarro.

Mathew was a kid living in a small town beside small mountains. He liked to watch the sky every night, searching for the moon to watch it and admire it.

Sometimes he looked at her so much that his eyes were hurting, and used to end up falling asleep on the edge of the window.


His mother worked in a bakery, and sometimes made a small white and rounded bread, with two eyes and a smiling mouth to give it to her son saying:

– “Here Mathew I brought you a little moon”.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Lucía Nante.

Click here to read: TWO FRIENDS´ SECRET (FIRST PART)

…..That day, the school year was advanced, Lola, Bibi and other children were playing in the park like they used to do the spring afternoons with nice temperature, before their mothers, fathers or grandparents eyes.

Just in a moment, when the other kids in the park were distracted with the games of the park, Lola took Bibi´s hand and said: “Come with me, Bibi. I have to show you something”.

short stories sphere hands magic

They ran to a bench where Bibi sat anxiously. Lola put a hand inside one of her pockets carefully, and Bibi looked anxious. “What do you have in your pocket?” – asked her nervous.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Lucía Nante.

Bibi had little more than six years old when her parents took her to that school. She met Lola there, a girl of the same age, like most of her class mates.

Lola was the first one approaching Bibi to welcome her and demonstrate her support, because she was new in class. They became very good friends little by little.

short stories sphere hands magic

Bibi´s house was always so relaxed. Her mom and dad were very demanding, even with her brother, three years younger than her; they were practicing positivist Psychology. They were those kind of people who think that the real school is the family, not the school, and that the “pedagogy of means“, which objective´s has nothing to do with what they think about education, is not recommended.


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New Short Story for boys and girls written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Three lively fairies opened the closet and enjoyed the shoes, accessories and especially the dresses.

Samantha, a a young fashion lover, did not noticed those visits, and, while she was brushing her hair, the fairies were inside her closet having fun changing their clothes.

fairy fly princess

The oldest was organizing a fashion show, the youngest was ready, wearing shoes like if she was going to a wedding. The middle fairy was guarding to avoid being discovered. And the three of them started their party well dressed.


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Once upon a time, there was a pumpkin living in the field with many other pumpkins that the peasant had raised.

Our protagonist is called Rossie and she was the smallest pumpkin of the vegetable garden.


That is the reason why one day the peasant gathered her up from the ground and threw it away saying: “this pumpkin it is no use, is too small”.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Juan Carlos Dominguez (Mexico).

One night long, long time ago, a man found a star inside a small crystal box. The star gave him light and heat, gave him company, but every time he wanted to hug her, the star burned his arms and his hands, he had to get away to treat his wounds.

Knew that the star looked at him from the distance, they wanted to be together, He had wounds on his arms for a long time, and she wounded him without intention.


One day, the man, tired, sad, watched the sky and finally payed attention to all the stars. Understood that the stars are far in order not to hurt people. And although being up in the sky, the stars are also inside our eyes when we look at them, so they could be together, at least for a moment; so he made a decision.


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Short Story written by: Jennifer Gonzalez Espinosa. 

In a faraway place there was a beautiful island with flowers, leafy trees, a candy house, chocolate buildings…that is to say that is was a world where people were never unhappy.

That place had a castle in where a king called Leonard was living; his wife was called Miss Juliet and their daughter was Linda.


One day, the king had to make a business trip to Spain, when he came back, brought lots of presents; but the most special presents were for his daughter; three dolls that belonged to her spanish grandmother, who died before the princess was born.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Silvia Hernandez Suastegui.

Once upon a time, there was a very naughty angel, he liked to ride on skate, jumping from one cloud to another. God, who was always watching him, used to say:

– “Little Angel, be careful, you can fall from the sky and break your wings“.


But the naughty angel really loved riding his skate, until one day happened what had to happen. One day, like any other day, the little angel could not jump to the other cloud and fell down.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Jennifer Gonzalez (11 years old – Cuba).

Once upon a time there was a small town where ambition and greed were reigning, and, to make it worse, they did not trust each other.

But there was still hope, friendship hope, due to a real friendship.

Three girls, very different and similar at the same time, were very good friends. Their parents did not want them to be friends because Patrice´s parents were so ambitious; Linda´s parents did not even trust her, and Jen´s were the mayors of the town, they actually created all of that.

She treated each other like sisters anyway.

Short stories - The princess and the dragon

An awful day, evil creatures appeared and kidnaped Patrice.

Jen and Linda were looking for her during days; one day went inside a cave and discovered a map. The map had the indications to find a secret place bellow ground. They had their first discussion arguing about who had to go to that place, because it was dangerous. Jen said:


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