Here some Classic and short tongue twisters to spend time with your kids having fun and enjoying!. Try to repeat them faster and faster!

Have fun!

One-One was a racehorse.
two-Two was one too.
When One-One won one race,
two.two won one, too.
Give papa a cup of proper coffee,
in a copper coffee cup.
I scream, 
you scream,
we all scream
for ice cream!
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Short Story written by: Jose Manuel (Spain).

My name is Lauren, and I am very young, your age, more or less. For some time now, mostly during summer; when I´m on holidays, I like to see de sky. The mix of colors that gives us is wonderful, the oranges, blues, also ochres, browns, dark colors, etc.

There is a moment, in such a range of colors, that the sun sets behind the mountains, and that is my favorite light moment. Is a strong light, blazing, full of strength, the only light I can see in the sky, there is no other like that.




After so many times waiting and looking at her, we are now friends, although we can only stay together for a short time, she leaves pretty fast because her cousin, the moon, comes with her pijamas saying is time to go to bed.


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Short Story written by: Daisy de la Caridad Garcia (Madrid-Spain / 10 years old)

Once upon a time, there was an evil witch living in Italy. When the italians found her, locked her up in a tower so she could not do sorcery. But what they didn´t know was that she had a daughter called Katy that was borned some years before. Katy grew up alone, so she did not know that had powers.

One day, she was playing the ball in the park, a boy raised his arms and suddenly realized that was very high, near the clouds, looked down and saw almost the whole world, and said:

– “I´m flyiiiiiiiing!!!!

Short stories - The twitchy witch

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Short Story written by: Facundo Romero

A long time ago, all the creatures living in the forest were not happy because they missed beauty amongst the trees until a goblin said:

– “We have to create something to give beauty to the forest”.

And the others said: “Yes, but what can we create?” – they wondered.


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Short Story written by: Juan pablo Urcola.

Rufus was living in a confortable and cute little house in garden full of lemon trees. He was a very happy and loving puppy; his paws were brown and his belly were a chocolate colour. He had big coffee-coloured eyes and his ears were like two cotton pompoms.

One day, Anna arrived home from school and went to look for Rufus to play with him, but Rufus wasn´t there.


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Short Story written by: Xabier Pita

It was Friday and I had to take my bath as usual. The water from the tap was running and the bath started to fill up. The soap bubbles  got bigger and the rubber duck rose higher until the bath water overflowed. I ran from from the corridor and jumped into the water and made a big splash that got the bathroom floor very wet.


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Short Story written by: Lilian Susana

Lily is a curious naughty dog. One night being bored at home, she waited until her parents, Lola and Theo, fell asleep then went to the loft, which was forbidden because this is where her Lola and Theo keep their old furniture and boxes full of memories.

She opened the door with her little paws and went inside and found a paradise of boxes, hats, thousands of old shoes and clothes. Lily didn´t know where to start.

Short stories - Pluto the swimming dog

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One day, the last lizard in the world woke up late to go to class.

He went down stairs for breakfast, but there was nothing on the table and his mother wasn´t at home either. He thought his mum had gone to work and had forgotten to make him breakfast.

The last lizard in the world went directly to school very hungry, and the street seemed empty and very quiet.

Short stories - The lame crocodile

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Very easy riddles for kids. You can guess the riddles with your friends and family.

They are very easy, you can solve them for sure!

And if you like them don´t forget to check the website for all kinds of riddles !

Improve your imagination using our riddles section.




1. What gets wetter as it dries?
2. What belongs to you but is used more by others?
3. What has 4 legs but cannot walk?
4. Everyone has it but no one can lose it, what is it?
5. A cloud is my mother, the wind is my father,
my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land.
A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place,
and I´m the torment of man.
What am I?
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