Short Story for Kids written by: Short Stories team.

In Biby´s school dining room, there is a huge kitchen where, everyday, the cooks prepare the best recipes they can.

Among these recipes are lentil with vegetables, rice with tomato, meatloaf, and a very nice dessert which the veteran cook calls “chocolate ravioli”, which is always cooked for special occasions.


One day, the famous chocolate ravioli had been prepared. It had been ordered a long time ago but the dessert was still in the kitchen. Something was going on!.


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Short Story for Children written by: Carolina Mora Arevalo.

The fairies are flying around when they see grandpa. He is a nice man who has always believed in giving love and affection to his family.

When he looks for calm amongst the flowers and fruit in his vegetable garden, he discovers that he is picking the fairies´unconditional love, the same values that he instilled in his family.

fairy fly princess

One of the fairies called Shanna represents generosity. She flaps happily towards grandpa but does not find the moment to offer him her presents.

The second fairy is called Sissi, she is solidarity. She is always ready to support, not just Grandpa, but also everybody who is around her.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Karenciro.

Once upon a time there was a very pretty and young princess, who wanted to marry the prince of her dreams.

One day she secretly travelled to Everland to see the prince she had always dreamed about, but met a powerful witch called Evelyn on the way.


The witch wanted to change places with the princess and even to look like her and this she finally did. The witch left looking exactly like the princess who was in love with the prince. The princess now looked like the witch but still had the dream of visiting the prince.


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Short Story for Kids written by: team

This Short Story tells a beautiful story about a kid and his liking for halloween, but I have to set the scene for you first…

You all know about the famous day called Halloween, when everybody goes out at night dressed up as a monster, a witch, a zombie, Death or the famous E.T.

halloween short stories children stories

Well, many years ago, a kid called Lolo, who really liked short stories, decided to collect all the Halloween stories he knew in one book which he called “Halloween Stories”.

He began to collect the stories when he was only five years old in an old parchment book. In spite of being only five, he remembered at least ten stories about Halloween that his parents had told him.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Matias Constanzo.

Once upon a time…

A Space Cowboy crashed in the middle of the jungle and turned into an awful, ugly toad. Just at that moment he met a pretty princess called Isabelle.

She became scared when she saw him because he was gigantic, much bigger than other toads in the jungle.


The princess continued her walk through the jungle but the ugly toad followed behind her. Every time she moved forward, the toad was jumped around begging for help. Just at that moment Isabelle wondered:


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New Short Story for boys and girls written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Three lively fairies opened the closet and enjoyed the shoes, accessories and especially the dresses.

Samantha, a a young fashion lover, did not noticed those visits, and, while she was brushing her hair, the fairies were inside her closet having fun changing their clothes.

fairy fly princess

The oldest was organizing a fashion show, the youngest was ready, wearing shoes like if she was going to a wedding. The middle fairy was guarding to avoid being discovered. And the three of them started their party well dressed.


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Once upon a time, there was a pumpkin living in the field with many other pumpkins that the peasant had raised.

Our protagonist is called Rossie and she was the smallest pumpkin of the vegetable garden.


That is the reason why one day the peasant gathered her up from the ground and threw it away saying: “this pumpkin it is no use, is too small”.


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Short Stories for Kids written by: Sipil Viapa.

When Gordon bought that pair of shoes did not imagine the problem he was going  to have. It seems that the name of the shoe Store “The mad shoe” had something to do with the kind of shoes they sold, but he did not suspect anything.

Bought the pair of shoes on monday and wore them for the first time on tuesday, once he put them on realized that had something strange, the right foot took a step forward, but the left shoe took a step back!.

Childrens stories - Thomas and the flying sneakers

– “Oh my God!” – screamed Gordon – “I can’t go anywhere with these”.

Raised the left foot and took three steps forward, but when raised the right foot, took three steps back again!

Took the shoes off, put them back inside the box and went to complain to the shoe shop.


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Short Story for Children written by: Xiomara Ubierna.

There was a girl called Sissi, who was a millionaire and a dreamer, had brown and straight hair, green expressive eyes and was living in Japan.

One day, she went for a walk through the forest with her parents, she realized when walking that the sky was getting dark, were many gray clouds and started raining; were love drops that God was sending.


The cute girl was so curious to know what was going on, observed the drops and realized that each drop coming from the sky had moral values. It was magic coming from the sky, she was watching them.


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New Short Story for Kids written by: Ana Clara de la Barrera (Argentina).

Elvira, the girl who never trusted, was a witch living in a small village far from the big cities. She used to spend lots of hours practicing her Spells, but she was too hopeless and was not able of casting spells.

She was the youngest daughter of the most important wizard of the small village, everybody used to call her “the bad witch”. She was always groaning and treating the other badly, because they did not accept her, actually she did not accept herself either.


Short Stories witch halloween


She was one day looking at the clouds through the window, when saw a group of white parrots flying around. They were like dancing at the sky, it was a beautiful choreography, almost perfect.

Elvira realized that one of the white parrots was separated from the group, and was flying faster and more strongly than the others to reach them. Suddenly, the white parrot, tired of trying it, decided to fly to the opposite way, landing on Elvira´s window.


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