Short Story for Boys and girls written by: Obed Madrid Calvo.

A gnome who lived in the forest, was at home boiling chestnuts in his cooking pot as it was the soup he really liked.

His friend, Mr.Snail appeared at the window and called out to him.


– “Good morning Happy Gnome” – greeted the snail.

– “Hello Mr.Snail, do you want to taste my chestnut soup?” – said the gnome.

– “Mmm, it smells really nice!”- the snail said.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrián Gonzalez


…The strange thing was that, the more vegetables he gave away, the more lettuces, chard, tomatoes, etc, were left in the wheelbarrow. And he was so happy to receive kisses, hugs and thankful words from the parents of his classmates who used to make fun of him calling him “fat”.


Next day he went to his vegetable garden to plant more seeds, but was shocked when saw that many vegetables had sprouted and that there were an endless number of chard, lettuces and tomatoes. It was incredible and his parents were astonished when he told them over dinner.


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THE TALKING CAR (Second part)

New Short Story for Kids written by: Maria de los Angeles Morales Dominguez.

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When John arrived home, he went to introduce his new friends to the car, but was so disappointed when none of the toys spoke.

-“What´s wrong? they´re not talking” – John said.

-“It´s normal, the toy fairy has not touched them with her magic wand. Call her”, said the car.

fairy magic toy car short story

– “And, how do we do that?” – asked John.

– “Very easily, you just say the magic words, which are: toot, toot, toot, run run run, beep, beep, toy fairy…please appear now!”, said the car.


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THE TALKING CAR (first part)

New Short Story for Kids written by: Maria de los Angeles Morales Dominguez.

Once upon a time…

There was a kid called John who had a toy car that he used to take with him everywhere. It was his favourite toy.

One day he was playing with his car at home, when he heard a voice saying:

– “Don´t throw me so hard, I might break!”

fairy magic toy car short story

John looked around to see where the voice was coming from. Nobody else was in the room and he was alone.

-“Here! It´s me, don´t you see me? I’m down here!” – said the voice.


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New Short Story for Children written by: Juliana Gonzalez.

Once upon a time…

There was a kitty called Blue, it was a carey cat with many colors like black, yellow…like a night of lots, lots of colors.

One day went to a house with his brothers and sisters, there were fewer cats because were giving them.

short story animal cat kitty

When the day finished Blue was still there, nobody wanted to take him. Weeks and months passed, but nobody wanted him, until the owner of the house got tired of the kitten and chased him out the house.


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Short Story for Kids written by: Laurita Vaquera (12 years old).

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Betty, who had a magic fairy called Mimi. One day, Betty arrived home from school, and found a cake at her house´s door, she loved cakes, so took it and brought it home.

She wanted to give Mimi a piece of the cake, but could not resist the temptation anymore and ended up eating the whole cake. But, what she did not know was that it was Mimi who had left the cake at the door.


Suddenly she sighed:

“Ooh! I would love to have a new school bag…”

And…a new school bag appeared. Betty was shocked, and said again:

“Ooh! I would love to have a Barbie…”

A barbie appeared suddenly. And she realized that the cake was magic.

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Short Story written by: Mariana Morales.

Once upon a time, there was a hard-working ant called Lucy. She was living alone in the ant´s nest, which was on a path.

The ant always went out to take some leaves, walking a long way to a tree to cut the leaves and bring them back to her ant´s nest.

Short stories - Tip, the curious ant

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Short Story written by: Michel Martinez

Peter and Anna were one day going back home from school when they passed through a park and decided to stay there a while to enjoy the sunny day.

It was summer, birds were singing and the landscape looked beautiful. All the trees were leafy, green and beautiful but one.

There was one tree with no leaves and a sad appearance. The kids asked the gardener why the tree was so sad and he told them that it was going to be cut down the next day.

Short stories - The day of the tree

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Short Story written by: Martha

There was an abandoned house in the middle of the forest. It was small and cute, and seemed to be very old.

One day an old goblin was wandering around when he saw the house and decided to renovate it transforming the old house into a new and beautiful one.


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